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Blue Tara Tumbles from Itacambira, Brazil

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Intuitive energy healing sessions with the owner of Soul of Lemuria are now available!

Client Testimonials

I have been going to energy healers for over 11 years, and a few of them were pretty well known. I can honestly say that a session with Jen is undescribable. It was thorough and uncanny. She identified a childhood trauma that I have never spoken to anyone about. She walked me through the healing of that and I feel like a new human. You are my go to healer now Jen!

Anthony, Los Angeles, CA

My healing session was literally the most thorough healing I've had. We were tethered via phone the entire time. I laid comfortably on my bed. Jen's session cleared and brought a lightness to my heart and mind. No time was set. She was very thorough. I battle depression and she went beyond that and intricately healed me. I highly recommend her. Her ability is beyond description.

Robin, Holy Fire III Usui/Karuna Reiki Master, Chumpi Illumination Practitioner

My healing session was amazing, thank you Jen! She identified a loss I recently had without me telling her who, what or when. I found closure and healing. We then ended the session with a couple of crystals I wanted her to interpret for me and she cleared them and helped me to connect. You have a client for life!

Erin, Paramus, NJ

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Reason one

You are not just a customer, you are part of our SOL family. Being a one woman shop whose main presence is on social media means I have the delight in getting to know my customers, and visa verse. That means I am able to source you what you are looking for, and what you didn't even think you needed! Not to mention we have one of the most welcoming online communities out there!

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Reason two

SOL sources only the best ethically sourced crystals out there. We know the miners and know the communities. By purchasing with SOL, you not only support us, but the communities around the world that work with us.

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