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Crystal Activation 1:1 Session

Sale price$66.66 USD

Do you have a crystal you would like to work with and need some guidance?  Perhaps you purchased a crystal you were drawn to, but had no idea why?  Do you have a Lemurian crystal you want to know how to specifically work with you?

One of my favorite things to do is work with a client and use my gift of being able to activate the crystal to receive information for the client in how best to work with their crystal.  

This activation, or what I call “waking them up” was taught to me through an attunement I had while working and channeling lemurian collectives.  

Each session will last up to 20 minutes.  I work fast, so there can be a lot of information given in 20 minutes. Each session is also unique to the individual and the crystal! What every session includes is a clearing of the crystal if needed, the activation and then I channel the message given in how the crystal wants to work with the person. This can be in a very specific healing of trauma, or to aid in the healing of the physical, or a tool for your own attunement and soul's growth. Sometimes there are specific messages attached, code activations, mantra's, prayers and more.  Each session is totally unique. 

This is not in person.  This is for over the phone or through zoom - your choice. 

Please email with a photo of your crystal and a recent photo of yourself following the booking of the session.  


Crystal Activation 1:1 Session
Crystal Activation 1:1 Session Sale price$66.66 USD