What is the Soul of Lemuria?

Much has been written about the mystical legend of Lemuria.  In fact, my sense is that once you dive deep, you’ll be going down that rabbit hole for some time! If you are looking for a summation of the legends surrounding Lemuria, this isn’t going to be one of those blogs. There are lots of authors, bloggers and historians who have written plenty of information on that subject.  I encourage you to do a google search to find out more information. 

Here is the reason why.  Perhaps it is just me, but I’ve never felt a deep urge to dive down that rabbit hole. I have a general understanding of what Lemuria, or Mu (as it is sometimes referred to as) is believed to be via the masses.  That being a highly advanced civilization housed on a lost continent that was destroyed by a great flood millions of years ago. Lemurians were evolved beings and highly advanced in technology.  When they realized that an extinction event was going to befall their society they seeded the Earth with crystals that would grow and one day be unearthed.  These crystals, known as Lemurian crystals, were genetically encoded to store the history and knowledge of the Lemurian society. Thus, passing on their teachings.

This would be sacrilege to say in some circles, but the legend does not interest me. What does interest me is experiencing what the soul of Lemuria is.  I put that in the present tense because the essence, spirit, vibration of Lemuria is alive.  The first time I ever held a Lemurian crystal I happened to have also been a sceptic of all this “who-ha mystical mumbo jumbo.”  (I know, look at me now!) But energy, as it is something tangible, I knew.  That first Lemurian I held connected me to a piece of myself I was just waiting to explore, but had no idea I wanted to!  

My understanding of what Lemuria is comes from years of personal insight, healing, meditation and working with Lemurian crystals. Universally present through all of my experiences working with these crystals and the energy of Lemuria is a teaching of oneness, a call or remembrance of unity consciousness.  Let’s talk more about consciousness…

Science is giving way to more and more theories that consciousness is not limited to space and time. This is one of the reasons that I am less interested in wanting to focus on the history of Lemuria and the legend.  The soul of Lemuria, the essence, the consciousness has gone nowhere. In fact, it invites us to reach within ourselves, understanding what we are (moving past Ego) and connect to consciousness. When we do, we become ambassadors to the Universe, and we in turn become Universal. We become One.  

This is why I have rebranded Crystal Addict Closet, and renamed it Soul of Lemuria. At this time of writing this blog, we have built a thriving online community, 8k and growing on Instagram. The time feels right. The mission feels right.  I am so excited about the future and growing a #SOLfamily (Soul of Lemuria Family) that encourages others to connect to their own spiritual and inner wisdom, and sharing that with like-minded souls in a sacred space where truth is love and all else an illusion.  I will continue to offer unique Lemurian crystals, as well as other unique mineral specimens that find their way to me.  I am also going to be offering more Energy Healing opportunities and be open to where this road is leading in regards to teaching and educating others.  I hope you will continue to join me on this journey! 

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