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Article: Pele's Dream . . .

Pele's Dream . . .
black lemurians

Pele's Dream . . .

Aia lā ‘o Pele i Hawai‘i ‘eā (Pele is in Hawai‘i)
Ke ha‘a mai lā i Maukele ‘eā (She is dancing at Maukele)
‘Ūhī‘ūhā mai ana ‘eā (She rumbles and mutters)
Ke nome a‘e lā iā Puna, ‘eā (As she consumes Puna)
‘Owaka i ka lani, nokenoke (Flashing in the heavens, on and on)
Ē Pele ē Pele ē. (O Pele, Pele.)


As I begin, I want to share that this blog is very personal to me.  I feel as if I am writing a written hula; inviting the reader to enter the dance of this dream with me and the energy of these sacred crystal allies. I invite you to experience it as such!


Towards the end of 2019 and beginning of 2020 I purchased a new find what would come to be known as Ancient Etched Lemurians (or Scriptures as they are called in Brazil), along with the Red Dreamcoat Lemurians and Cora.  These all arrived at the same time.  Talk about energy, right?! During that same time frame, I started experiencing my first “encounters” with the Goddess Pele. Now, two years later, with experience and time it is easier to put all these connections together. These first encounters with Pele, to put it frankly, was actually rather exasperating.  For example, my debit card repeatedly began disappearing out of my wallet.  Not once, twice or three times, but four! What I have come to know is that those exasperating “pranks” were Pele’s love language. Following this I began experiencing very vivid dreams.  I would wake up in the early hours and have this persistent need to draw what I had seen. None of it made sense at the time of course…

The dream: (Taken directly from my journal)

“I just dreamt that I was brought in to a lush beautiful place. Tropical. Palm Trees. Vibrant colors. I could feel the grass under my feet and smell the earth.  In front of me I saw a woman, and to her left I was surprised to see my ancient lemurian we call Mother. The woman appears to me as an older woman, maybe 50? We are the same height. She has strong arms and she has a full figure. I recognize her as the woman I have come to know as Pele. I believe she was wearing a red garment and she motioned for me to come forward. I was happy to see her. As I stood in front of her, she held out a lei to me and I took it and put it on. I remember vividly putting my hands over the flowers and thinking how beautiful they were. They were red and the petals looked like they were the  needle-like feathers of a bird before the feathers fully unfurl. When she gave me the lei I felt this love, acceptance and trust in what was happening.

Pele then sat down on a bench made of grass and placed her hand on mother and looked at the crystal in an affectionate, loving way. She then looked at me and told me to start digging. I got onto my hands and knees and began digging fervently with my bare hands. I felt an urgency.  I began digging and digging.  I remember how rich and dark the soil was and could smell the rich earth. I kept on digging and began feeling cramping in my abdomen.  I began pulling a large black lemurian from the earth. I looked down and there was a cloth next to me and without thinking I swaddled the lemurian like a new born.  I began feeling such joy and pride. I looked up to Pele offering it to her.  She shook her head no and I saw that she was cradling my Ancient Lemurian.  She looked at me and said “dig dig dig.”  I could hear her humming and singing in the background.  She began laughing, and I knew she wasn’t laughing at me, but laughing at how dirty I was getting. As I dug, I pulled out more and more of these black lemurians. I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked up.  Pele was now in front of me still holding mother. She told me, ‘You have a job to do. Now go and bring them forth.’  Then a red dragon that I associate with the red dreamcoats landed beside me. I gathered the black lemurians in my arms and climbed onto the red dragon and we flew away. 

Awake now and I can still feel the weight of those crystals in my hand. The black crystals are the yang to the ancients ying. They will bring balance thru transformation. This dream = sacred. Find the crystals. Wake them. Share them.”

Following this dream, I felt a sacredness about it and a feeling that I was to keep it to myself untiI I felt permission to share this dream. That very morning after the dream I contacted my friend in Brazil and said there are going to be black lemurians! He said, “no no no Jen, smokey quartz in Brazil doesn’t get naturally black.” I said, “Well, they exist. I think they are going to be in either the Cristalina mine with the Red Dreamcoats or Diamantina, with the Ancients.” He said, “ok I will tell them to keep an eye out.”  Within ONE week I get a message from my friend, “Omg they found black lemurians at the end of the red dreamcoats!”

With a little help from our friends…

For over a year these crystals were referred to as “Jen’s Dream” in Brazil.  I felt it was more appropriate to call them Pele’s Dream…and so a name was born.  When they arrived and I unboxed them I fell in love.  I worked with them for about a year before I felt they were ready. What kept me hitting the pause button was that I felt I was missing something important.  One day as I was holding one, I was looking at it’s beautiful red “blossoms” and it reminded me so much of the red flowers from the lei in my dream. At this point I honestly knew nothing about the spirituality, legends, and stories of Hawaii.  I tend to not google anything so information that comes to me is clear.  Looking at those “blossoms,” I felt it was important I reach out to the SOL Family and ask if anyone in Hawaii would be willing to help me on a project. Enter our dear friend, Brooke Peters! Brooke lives in Honolulu, Hawaii, and is fourth generation Hawaiian, but not native to Hawaii.  I explained to Brooke that I did not want to unknowingly appropriate the beautiful culture and spirituality of the Hawaiian people, but I truly wanted to learn to help me understand what I was missing. Brooke was so patient with her time and her resources! She also helped by reaching out to her sister, Kaleo.  For privacy, Kaleo’s last name is not being shared here, but she herself is a direct descendent of Pele as her last name ends in Pele. Kaleo has her Masters in Hawaiian culture and language.  She is fluent in Olelo Hawai’I and is also a Hula dancer.  As Brooke pointed out, this is an important factor, as she was able to describe accurately the Hawaiian words and story of Pele that kept coming up consistently in my dreams and paintings.   

Transcripts from our Instagram Live…

On July 31, 2021 Brooke joined me for an Instagram Live introducing these crystals.  Here is part of the transcript from what she explained:

Brooke began by saying, “When I first heard Jen’s dream, I experienced a wave of overwhelming emotion. I felt truth. This was Pele. She came in this different form because of the Ancient Lemurian crystal that was with her – it was a balance. The description of the crystal and the lei, its Pele’s sister: Hi’iaka-i-ka-poli-o-Pele, who was born of an egg and Pele took with her to Hawaii.  I asked Jen if an egg resonates.”

I answered Brooke and told her yes, actually.  It is one of the first drawings I had a compulsion to do.

Brooke shared that Kaleo believes that this was Hi’iaka being shown to me, and that she was shown to me in the form of the egg to explain the balance of energy that was needed to be used and worked with between the feminine of Hi’iaka (Ancients) and the masculine (Pele’s Dream).  The dragons and fire energy (Red Dream Coats and Cora) is for what is to come.

Who is Pele?

Brooke continued, “Hawaiian spirituality has Goddesses and they are looked at with respect. They are parents in the ultimate respect. 4 main God/Goddess – Pele is right below the 4 main Gods.  However, Pele is so well known there is this power and energy around her. She is so beloved and respected in the world because of her energy.  Her younger sister is her beloved, Hi’iaka. Family is very important to Pele. There is no Pele without her little sister.  There is no lava without the rebirth. It is the ying and the yang. Pele is strong, she is a leader. She will command you.  If she appears to you, there is work to be done.  I think the dream is a confirmation that this was real. The lei was to confirm this was Pele, and to confirm that she is giving Jen Aloha. Pele is welcoming (Jen) into her loving embrace and into her family. Instructing Jen to dig is her movement. In fact, this is even a saying in Hawaii “eli eli” dig, dig!”  (This comes from the God Lonomakua, Pele’s beloved Uncle, one of the 4 primary Gods who gifted Pele the stick named Paoa (digging stick) to aid in controlling her power of creating fire and earth. She used this stick to dig into the earth and bring forth lava and create more land.)

Brooke went on to say, “I believe Pele is confirming that she has this work for Jen to do. Her sister is part of that balance. It is the energy of the crystal Mother. The fern, the flower, the birth, the creation of life. That is her sister. Hi’iaka is loyal, loving caring, dedicated. Hi’iaka has the power to restore the spirit and the body. I think the dragons: the Red Dreamcoats are connected so strongly – they have a water dragon energy. In Hawaii, the Mo’o is a dragon lizard God which came before Pele. They are old spirits; they are able to change from the dragon to human form. Most are female. They are water protectors, springs, waterfalls. So, there is a connection to that too”

 This was the Red Dreamcoat dragon I painted after the dream.

 Let’s clear up the confusion . . .

As mentioned, these crystals were found in the late spring of 2020 in the Red Dreamcoat mine in Cristalina, Brazil.  As they came to the end of the Red Dreamcoats they began finding what would become known as the Pele Lemurians growing on the wall.  Four friends were the miners who brought the Red Dreamcoats and Pele Lemurians to the surface.  The Pele Lemurians are not a small pocket find! Due to Covid, weather conditions, and an assortment of other things, the miners stopped mining and divided the large number of crystals they mined between the four of them. I purchased the first two shares and I offered part of that to another shop.  I was also offered the roots that they found and purchased those solely.  I was offered to purchase the 3rd share, but that miner had decided to have them polished.  I passed on my impression from Pele that polishing these crystals is not the thing to do. When the 4th miner decided to sell his share, I arranged that I would purchase this as well. Ultimately, I purchased 75% of this lot and 25% went to two other shops. I have received messages from my IG followers about creative wording regarding this find being mined out now. For this blog, I have confirmed that there are more Pele’s in that mine. When conditions and the energy is right, I feel more will be mined.  I also do not think we have seen the last of new finds from that mine.  If anyone is claiming to have the last, they have the last of their stock. I hope that clarifies things for everyone 

The variety found in these crystals . . .

In regards to these being called Black Lemurians, I also have to disagree here. 80% of this find is indeed a deep dark smokey citrine, but about 15% is a gorgeous natural golden citrine, and about 5% is a light smokey.  If you purchased a citrine or light smokey, you have indeed purchased from the same find.  Another tell-tale marking on the Pele Lemurians are red hematite “blossoms”, which we have explained in the live the symbolism being the Ohi’a Lehua flower. This flower grows on the first tree that springs up from recent lava flow.  It’s for that reason that Hawaiians refer to people who are skilled, strong, and beloved as pua lehua, or lehua flowers. Is this not the perfect way to describe these crystals? About 90% of the find that I have seen have these blossoms.  Additionally, just like the Dreamcoats, some of them (maybe only 5%) have these beautiful large second growth druse growing along the main side of the crystal. Similar to the Ancient Etched Lemurians some of the Pele’s also have that “tv antennae” rutile that we find in the Ancients. I also have a few that I question may have had calcite on them like the Ancient Etched Lemurians.

Let’s talk about activating their energy…

Something that is interesting, if you go here you can view the large Ancient grid I did activating all my Ancients with “Mother” at the center.  I received the instruction for this grid from Pele.  Look at the flowers I used! I remember seeing red in my vision but these were the closest I could get in June of 2020 in New England!

Every Pele that leaves my care is lovingly cleared and awakened.  A key part of that process is that I activate it using Mother, who Kaleo believes encompasses the divine feminine energy of Hi'iaka.  In my opinion, this really is crucial because the Pele Lemurians carry a divine masculine energy and activating them this way brings balance. 

On their own, the image these Lemurians give me are warriors.  Protective and ready when you call upon them.  The markings on these Lemurians are very interesting. Many of them have hydrothermal etchings on the facets, and almost always within those hydrothermal etchings are record keepers allowing us to access the Akashic records of the Universe.  Some of the Pele Lemurians also have etchings just like the Ancient Lemurians. We also find starbrary and multiple galactic languages.  These are said to connect to different star systems. This may be surprising to you; however, I don’t feel the need to dive into the different languages on these. If you want to do that research, I encourage you to do so and hope you enjoy learning more. However, I feel that the message here is about universality; not wanting to claim any one location – not being of just one tribe. I go back to the image of the egg in the universe, seeding life everywhere. As I mentioned above, these are not the crystals I think should be polished. As I mentioned, I think they have the personality of a warrior. The markings are the tattoos of their life’s journey. They are supposed to be “imperfect.” 

When cleared and activated, these are crystals of Ascension.  What I’m about to explain here I explained a year ago, but I’m able to give a more detailed explanation here. In my opinion all Lemurians are tools of Ascension, they just work in different ways. The Ancients themselves connect to the 8th chakra, the Soul Star Chakra. On their own I believe that the Pele Lemurians connect to the lower chakra, below your root chakra. If needed, you can connect to any of those lower chakras located below your root chakra.  When activated or used with an Ancient, you find balance, or think of it like connecting two circuits. In doing so, it allows those who have the ability to connect to Source, or whatever you prefer to use as a name. For some, this is going to come with clear visions, and for others it’s going to gently guide.  Again, these are all about balance and not overwhelming you.

Alternatively, these can also be brought into energy healing to assist the healer and/or the client to access the knowledge needed for the healing to take place. I do not mean the crystals themselves do the healing.  I am referring to them allowing the information to flow appropriately.

Working with these crystals you might also feel compelled towards water and music!  Here is my suggestion – follow the compulsion!  Good times to follow!

I want to thank my IG followers for all the feedback you have given over the past year about your experiences with these crystals.  I also appreciate that you feel the need out of fairness and from a good place in your hearts to notify me that you feel others are sharing my reading of these crystals without giving me credit for the work I have done.  Thank you for the concern, but don’t worry. I shared the knowledge last year privately with my followers.  I hope that others have had meaningful experiences and shared what those are for others to take inspiration and knowledge.  When all is said and done, the message isn’t really from me. It’s from Pele.  And I believe that message continues to be revealed, but that’s a blog post for another time!

SOL Family stories of working with Pele Dream Lemurians:

A big thank you to our friends below who have taken the time to share their experiences with their Pele Dream Lemurians purchased from Soul of Lemuria.  Do you have a story you would like to share? I would love to hear!  Please leave it in the comments below.  Alternatively, I also welcome comments and questions below too!

“I’d like to give a review about one of the amazing Crystals I have purchased from Jen @souloflemuria. I practice Second Level Crystal Therapy along with my Holy Fire lll Usui and Karuna Reiki® training through the International Center for Reiki Training.  Crystals are a very active part of what I do in my healing sessions. I bought a Pele crystal that I use with many others. This crystal came fully awake and ready for duty. No kidding!!  Working with newly diagnosed and post cancer clients, this Crystal has been a true tiger in its ability to work with me jointly in giving treatments.  I find the energy of the Pele crystal a true warrior …ready to charge forward to release its vibrational frequency in a healing session. A full body warmth happens quickly with the synchronization of Holy Fire lll Reiki. The fire in both work together beautifully!  I’ve achieved much pain release, peace and comfort after a session.  I have been delighted in this specific crystal purchase as I needed a strong masculine crystal energy to support me in my practice. It’s a major player in my “Toolbox.” All of Soul of Lemuria’s crystals that I have and use are great Crystal Allies and come ready, willing, and very Sentient which I sincerely appreciate. Thank you Jenn. Keep up the good work in bringing amazing crystals that have abilities they are out of the box ready to share.”

-Robin Waterbury @healingwithrobin
Holy Fire lll Usui/Karuna Reikii®Master Teacher
Reiki Crystal Therapist Level ll
Chumpi Illumination Practitioner 


“I find the Pele (Lemurians) very helpful in using (during) my dream time to receive ideas and messages.  I especially like the roots!!!  Not sure why I like them so much but I do. I can connect with the roots more easily. My roots make me happy when I hold them. My recent experience with the Pele’s has been sleeping with them alongside Red Jasper. I sleep better using the Red Jasper.  I have long work days and need to help my brain disconnect from devices I use all day long at work (zoom, documenting private practice notes etc.)

Recently I restarted sleeping with my Pele root. Bees then started showing up in dreams and in my life. In dreams, bumble bees have been showing up and leading me through a set of secret rooms that I forgot about. This is a repetitive feature of a dream I have had before. My mother (who has been deceased since 1987) shows up. I feel her presence is to remind me that there is lineage process underway. My grandmother was very aware, and my mother as well. The entrance to the secret rooms starts in my mother's closet in the house I grew up in. My version of a shamanic entrance. 

I have the impression that the Pele (Lemurians) are amplifying some of the info in accordance with my prayers for clearer guidance. I also feel they are open to sharing but also are guardians of the access points to information. I get the same feeling about them as the Bees. Bees to me are guardians of the creation information. 

I mentioned my dreams to my partner and then he started dreaming of bees as well. I mentioned the bees to my coworker and then the next morning they were in the office; escorted it safely out of the hermetically sealed building! I am not sure, but feel that I am now the amplifier.  Interestingly, the conversations that have arisen with others has been asking me questions on how to bring spirit into their daily lives. I have shared my experience which seems to have been helpful.”

-Diane H. NY, USA 5/22/22

My experience with Pele started with love at first sight!  The moment I (saw) these beauties I felt an unexpected attraction.  I think in life you always have attraction toward the energy and frequencies that makes you feel good and complete.  I love the Pele Lemurians!
When I meditate with them I feel so much protective energy.  It is  like a protective father holds you with unconditional love!  When I am sad or energetically low, I always feel the need to hug my Pele Lemurians (because) they feel like home, a home for my soul.  I also love how they work together with the Reds… I feel the energy of Red mama Dragon coming from them and when you combine this energy with the protective unconditional loving father energy from the Pele Lemurians you get a complete amazing experience that you are in the arms of your soul family! Also what I notice and is purely my experience… is that each Pele Lemurian has something to say  (It’s the) same energy but each of them bring their own contribution to the collective energy; each of them for me is unique and bring its own highlight. They teach me the alphabet of a new language, a beautiful unique energy that they bring in this world!”

-Mihaela C. Toronto, CAN 5/21/22

Disclaimer: This information is based upon my personal experience.  Always seek the guidance of your doctor or other qualified health professionals with any questions you may have regarding your health or medical condition.  Never disregard the advice of a medical professional, or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this Website. 


Permission is not granted to use any photos, images, or this blog post in any way without my explicit written permission. If you would like to share this in some form, please contact 


Beautifully written and informative!


Yes, yes yes! Balance! I purchased an ancient lemurian from another online store and came across soul of lemuria a few months ago and felt drawn to book a session with Jen to clear it and ironically while purchasing the session I bought a pele! My session with Jen to clear and activate the ancient lem was awesome! And having both of these crystals they really are like a ying and yang, I have felt that! Now I really need a red dreamcoat!!!


I am a big fan of your blog posts. I love the way you write! Thank you for the work you do that benefits all of us!


Wow…wow…wow!!! I’ve just purchased my first Pele from you and it arrived! I have another from a different seller and I can feel the difference straight out of the packaging! I’m so excited to work with this one!


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