Working with "Blue Needle" Lemurians

Have you ever seen the phenonium of blue needles inside a Lemurian?  I had not, and certainly did not have one in my own collection.  You can imagine my excitement when I was offered a dozen of these Lemurians!  These Lemurians are mined from Sento Sé, Bahia, Brazil.  This is actually a mine that has been producing crystal clear Lemurians for some time.  My supplier explained to me that many of the high grade Lemurians that are being sold as having been mined in Corinto, are actually from the Lemurian mine in Sento Sé and are driven to Corinto where they are sold.  If you see other Blue Needle Lemurians being sold on the market from this point forward and it says the location is Corinto, this is your heads up that they are really from Sento Sé.

Let’s dive in more to the science behind what creates this blue like needle inclusions!  Firstly, needle quartz is considered rare.  In my opinion, it’s not necessarily extremely rare per se, but it is incredibly hard to find.  I think that there is probably more of it out there, but you’ve got to be holding direct light onto clear quartz in such a way that it is noticed.  Yes, that’s right.  I’m saying that you might have some blue needle quartz in your own collections and don’t even know it!  (Flashlight sales will now be on the rise on Amazon!)  Taking the photos to display these crystals on the website was not easy, but your girl got it done for you!

Some have asked me if the blue needles are actually rutile? What you are seeing is not rutile, or even needles actually.  Believe it or not, it is thin lines of trapped gasses.  This effect that you are seeing has a name: the Tyndall Effect!  The Tyndall Effect makes the thin lines appear blue. When light is directed in just the right way, light is scattered by particles in a colloid, or a very fine suspension.  This is also similar to Rayleigh Scattering Effect.  The blue light that you see is the blue light wavelength that is scattered much more strongly than a red-light wavelength.  This is the reason why the sky is blue.  Another example I like is the smoke that is emitted by motorcycles sometimes has a blue tint to it.  That is because the engine oil is providing the particles needed, and thus the Tyndall Effect happens! This is also what happens with “Blue Smoke” Lemurians from Columbia.  It is the same effect.  Not likely the same gasses.  The Blue Smoke Lemurians are also more “cloudy,” likely due to other mineral inclusions. 

What I found fascinating about this cultivated group of Lemurians is how many of them are 7 faceted channeling crystals, Dow crystals or have manifestation crystals growing inside.  Almost all of them show signs as well as having, or once having had fluid inclusions, which would make sense since gas also became trapped in these crystals as they grew. Another term that others use for Blue Needle Quartz is “Angel Feather” quartz.  Aside from the visual similarities to feathers these inclusions have, I have to agree with the angelic part. These Lemurians, like all Lemurians are tools of ascension.  Usually when you are working with crystals that work with your upper chakras you are going to connect to the angelic realm.  It is the vibration that ascension tools generally work within.  These lemurians are no different.  What I have noticed in working with them is that they are so gentle, and grounding.  The Dow crystal that I worked with enabled me to ground very deeply.  I could feel the Lemurian connecting to my energy field and clearing anything out that prevented me from connecting to my higher self and my own Akashik Records.  Sometimes that “ascension” can feel like you’ve been blasted up in a Six Flags ride, other times it can be very slow.  Working with these I have noticed that it is a gentle ascension.  If someone is wanting to try and begin work in channeling or in working within your Akashic Records, I would suggest one of these as tool for you to aid in that work.  

You will notice that I took the time to go into detail on every listing about the special characteristics of each crystal.  I have explained what a Dow is, what a 7 faceted channeling crytal is, a manifestator, etc.  You can find them all listed here. 

While working with these Lemurians I did ask during my channeling if they had any specific purpose or information to download to their eventual crystal allie (the person who will be working with the crystal). I was surprised by the answer because it is an area I myself have not given much attention to, at least in the terminology being currently used by other spiritual Gurus.  The channeled message that I received is that these Lemurians have come forward during this time to aid us in the embodiment of 5D consciousness.  I asked how we can do this and the answer was:

“We can embody 5D consciousness through aligning ourselves with unity, building one another up with kindness and compassion, reimagining new paradigms for the old structures that are no longer serving our greatest good and cultivating a greater oneness with Mother Earth.  On an individual level it means knowing and owning the great power you have and using it for good.  It means recognizing others as a part of you.  It also means setting boundaries for yourself with others while allowing yourself to flow with the Universe.”

This was my own energy read and channeled message from this beautiful group of Blue Needle Lemurians.  I look forward to hearing what YOU think of them and the knowledge you receive! 

Disclaimer: This information is based upon my personal experience.  Always seek the guidance of your doctor or other qualified health professionals with any questions you may have regarding your health or medical condition.  Never disregard the advice of a medical professional, or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this Website. 


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