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Article: We Are Alta, We Are One

We Are Alta, We Are One

We Are Alta, We Are One

Hello #SOLfamily! This blog post is long overdue.  So, let’s just dive in!  What am I talking about when I say Alta?  Glad you asked!  “Alta” is the name given to a group of crystals that were a collaborative effort between myself and another crystal shop owner that had purchased these crystals in June of 2019 from Cristalina, Brazil.  They were found in a Lemurian mine, in a very small pocket over the period of a couple months.  The shop owner contacted me because they recognized that they were a new energy and a very high vibration, so much so that she could not work with them and she needed a little assistance to see what was going on.  This was my gateway introduction to these crystals.  As soon as she started telling me about them I could see them in my mind’s eye, color, size and they connected to me right away.  After clearing them of some energy that needed a bit more than a saging, the vibration of the crystals purified.  In fact, their clearing was a bit like their energy – a purification by fire.  The crystals themselves work by using unconditional love in a no-nonsense way. Either embrace their unconditional love and work with them or move on! This first find of Alta held an angelic energy, pure, happy and loving.  And wow were they sentient and thirsty for knowledge!  They embodied the energy of a child who wants to experience the world!  And that is one of the best parts about these crystals: how interactive they are.  But, more on that in a bit.

For myself, the Alta crystals were the first time I had such a clear connection and vivid visual communication while connecting with a crystal. It unlocked a gift I didn’t know I had.  Funny, but true fact:  it was six months before I was given a physical Alta of my own and I finally got to see one and hold one in person! Imagine my surprise when they looked exactly as I thought!

One of the biggest questions I get is: how did Alta get its name?

I had been working with these crystals for a bit, around six months and during that time the other shop owner had been floating trade names like Angel Phantoms, Madeline’s, etc. Once I finally received my own crystal I heard the name as clear as day, Alta-Ra “We are Alta, We are One”.  I felt embraced by a feminine collective (think beyond gender), in which many voices came together as one.  For about a week after first having this experience I kept on hearing “we are Alta, we are One” over and over again.  I do not like to “google” things so that information I receive does not get tainted by outside influence.  But, I felt a strong compulsion to do so this time.  When I did, I came across an article that talked about the Priestess Order of Lemuria, called Alta-Ra.  ::Mic Drop::  Further compulsions led me to google if it was possible to add letters.  Math is not my forte. However, I soon discovered there was a way to do this and when adding up the name, the number reduced to 1.  ::Mic Drop, Mind Blow::

I felt without a doubt, the message had been clear.  Alta crystals they were!

What is the metaphysical properties?

Consistently, the message that these crystals teach is Oneness.  They connect to Unity Consciousness, and offer us an opportunity to do the same.  And timing is everything, because these crystals came during a time when a call to remember Oneness was deeply needed. 

 How Alta crystals work is by living life with you! Part of their purpose is to have these experiences with us and in doing so connect us to unity consciousness. They remind us that no one is better than anyone else. We are – I, you, us, them, we are one. All the stuff that comes from our egos, the need to put things into neat little boxes, that all gets put aside.  This is why the question, are they Lemurian is neither a yes or a no.  The answer is that Alta is Alta.  They would ask, what is your definition of Lemurian?

The New Alta’s!

In the summer of 2020 I was unpacking some new crystals and was shocked when I unpacked these gorgeous white coated crystals with beautiful watermelon tourmaline inclusions. I was shocked just not in their beauty, but in the fact that they said…”we are Alta, we are One.”  I immediately sent a picture to the other shop owner with experience on these crystals and she replied, “where did you find more Alta?!?” These were not like the first find.  These were bigger.  Magical. Ancient.

The first batch of Alta’s love to work with larimar because of their love of water energy.  And they have a tendency to enjoy working with the higher priced crystals like citrine. (This is why we say, Alta will be Alta!).  These new Alta’s seemed to have grown their own inclusions and of course they chose some of the prettiest inclusions!  The main take always from the lab report that I had done on the new Alta’s were similar to the original lab report from the first batch.  The white coating was kaolinite, a mineral that grows in high water atmospheres. Also present were dendrite (also leans to a presence of water).  Feldspar and a lithium bearing muscovite was present.  Additionally, lepidolite, feldspar and tourmaline – just to name the main properties. 

In my opinion, and from my experience having worked with the new Alta’s for a year, they also connect to the heart chakra (try laying it on your heart chakra and see what happens).  They work through all of the chakras, but the heart is the key to  unlocking the process. The first find of Alta’s were the children, wanting to experience everything!  These older Alta’s are the teachers wanting to guide us and lead us into unity consciousness.  They want to turn the lights back on.  Remind us of what use to be universal knowledge.  When they speak of Oneness they aren’t speaking about race, nationality, politics, etc. They have been there, they’ve seen it, they have the -shirt, and they aren’t interested. They are talking about a Oneness connected to Source.  The image given is of a great body of water from which a small droplet is taken. Source decides it wants to come to know what it is to have a physical existence as you, and that fractal becomes you.  Then another droplet is taken and placed out into the Universe as Source wants to experience what it is like to be me. We come from the same Source, you and I, connected in a larger unity consciousness.  

There is so much more to write and say, so perhaps this needs to be a multiple blog.  But, the exciting news is that Alta continues to surprise us.  These new Alta were found in Aracuia, Minas Gerais, Brazil.  Not in the same location as the others.  Which is in itself, so Alta. Why would you expect them to be in the same place?  After all, they are committed to truth and not what we want to hear or what is convenient.  They are here to teach and to teach with love!  







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These new Altas are amazing!!! Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us and for taking the time to write this. It leaves me with such peace and a sense of oneness! That last part really moved me!


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