Beginners Guide to Lemurian Starseed Crystals

Double Terminated Frosty Lemurian Starseed


Welcome to Lemurian Starseed Crystals: 101! As we gain more followers on IG, I have noticed that I am being asked, “What is a Lemurian?” numerous times during the course of our Live Sales. (Harmless plug: follow us on IG @souloflemuria). It seems now is a good time to do a basic crash course into Lemurian Starseed Crystals! Please note, this blog post is going to cover the crystals themselves and will not be diving into the mythology of Lemuria.  There are a lot of books and articles written on the mythological land of Lemuria and I encourage you to do some googling.  One day perhaps I will write my own book on the subject matter, but we are going to focus on the crystals! 

Lemurian crystals were originally found inside a mountain located in Sierra Do Cabral, in the Diamantina region of Brazil. Lemurian quartz have very distinctive growth lines across one or more of their side facets. These lines are known as striations. These striations are perfectly formed laddered grooves.  They look very similar to bar codes. These striations generally have a very distinctive texture which can easily be felt.  

The shape and structure of Lemurian quartz crystals is also distinctive. Traditional Lemurian crystals have a hexagonal base.  Usually, the crystal will have three sides that taper inwards towards a triangular tip. The striations will appear on alternating facets. Generally speaking, the interior of the crystal is translucent.  That does not mean however that there are not Lemurians that appear opaque. The photo above is an example of a rare natural double terminated frosty Lemurian from Sierra Do Cabral (NFS).

Lemurians can come in so many colors! These colors are usually influenced by the presence of other minerals during the growth stage of the crystal. Colors can be red, pink, golden, tangerine, even filled with chlorite that makes them green! They can also have a smoky hue, citrine, or like Dreamcoat Lemurians, they can be tipped with Amethyst! New discoveries are made every day which broadens the family tree of Lemurian crystals. Soul of Lemuria is honored to have been the first to introduce many new Lemurians to the world (ie. Unity Lemurians, Dreamcoat Lemurians, Pele Lemurians etc).

With all this said . . . striations do not make a Lemurian, and Lemurians may not have striations. Lemurians have been found in other locations and even other countries. That could be a subject of another blog post! However, the above is a good basic description of Lemurians. Now, let’s talk about their metaphysical properties.

Metaphysical Properties

I want to start off by pointing out that it has been 30+ years since Lemurian crystals were found, but it's important to start at the beginning!  The term “Lemurian Crystal” was first coined in the early 1990’s by Katrina Raphaell.  She connected these unusually marked quartz with a legendary spiritually advanced race of humans, known as the Lemurians. Again, if you would like to know more about the legend of Lemuria, a google search will set you on a deep dive!

According to Raphaell, this advanced race used crytals and encrypted each of the quartz with sacred messages of unity, healing and love.  The original Lemurians then planted them in the Earth for future generations to uncover and decode.  Being delicate and fragile in their formation, it is common for Lemurian crystals to naturally detach from their crystal clusters, and fall to the floors of Brazilian caves.  Raphaell describes these crystals to be seeds of knowledge, planted for us.  This is where the term “seed crystal” comes from.  It was the opinion of Raphaell that Lemurian crystals could only be found in one location, and that was the original find in the Sierra Do Cabral mine. It is my personal opinion that thirty years has shed more information and other discoveries since the publication of Raphaell’s work and I think Lemurians have a lot to teach us about “labeling” and an expanded understanding of “oneness.” 

In my view, all Lemurian crystals are tools of ascension.  By that, I mean they are tools to help us grow spiritually and emotionally (and I would also say intellectually and some would also say physically).  One of the universal experiences I always have with a Lemurian quartz is that they always open the heart chakra!  Since these crystals have already been coded for a specific purpose, the other distinction is that you cannot “program” a Lemurian.  One common way to meditate with a Lemurian is to hold it in your hand and move your thumb or pointer finger down the side terminations with the striations.  These striations are considered to be "files," or downloads.  Others also consider them to aid in connecting one to their Akashic Records. 

Here are some other common Lemurians and what they are generally associated with:

Lodolite Lemurians (Garden Quartz)

Emotional Healing | Manifesting Dreams | Joy

There is something so special about gazing into these crystals!  Also known as Garden Lemurians due to the mineral inclusions of chlorite (beautiful colors of green, yellow, white, pink and purple) it can look as if there is a whole world inside the crystal!  These Lemurians hold the energy of both a lodolite and a Lemurian.  That means they are great to assist you with manifesting your dreams, discerning your desires, often increase the lucidity of your dreams and may help with releasing emotional blockages that need healing.  In my opinion, these are great crystal allies that can empower one with grace and tranquility in times of great transition.

Rutilated Lemurians

Ascension | Manifestation | Cleansing

Rutilated Lemurians are rare and a great combination! These Lemurians seem to aid with manifesting one’s dreams and desires.  It’s almost as if the rutile acts as energy antenna’s that help focus on the right vibration to assist us in bringing things into our lives for the better!

I have also found rutilated Lemurians to be helpful in clearing stagnant energy.  They have a cleansing and purifying effect on the aura field and mind.  I also believe they are helpful in protecting us from negative energies and thoughts.

As all Lemurians, they also help connect us to the Divine and our Higher Selves.

Smoky Lemurian

Grounding | Protection | Manifesting | Clarity

Smoky Lemurians have the added benefit of grounding and purification. When you need to let go of something (thoughts, people, things that no longer serve us, etc) a Smoky Lemurian can be your new BFF.  Smoky Lemurians help us remain grounded while expanding our higher states of consciousness.

Citrine Lemurian

Manifestation |Clearing | Problem Solving | Joy

Citrine is one of the minerals that does not hold negative energy.  Rather, it dissipates and transmutes it.  This means it never needs clearing or cleansing.  Combine this with a Lemurian and I think you might just have the perfect crystal.  These Lemurians are rare! In general, Citrine Lemurians want to WORK and work WITH you! They bring in the traditional attributes of citrine – manifesting, increasing “wealth”, etc. What I have found is that citrine Lemurians are really wonderful for problem solving!  Especially in aiding one to figure out, how exactly did I get into this situation?  Learn that lesson of why!  Then aiding us in healing what needs to be healed so we can move beyond the blockages!

There are many other Lemurians I could write about, but this is a good basic introduction.  I invite you to read other descriptions of Dreamcoat and Unity Lemurians and Pele Lemurians if you’d like to read up on more recent finds.

Whether you are interested in Lemurians because you are drawn to their energy, or you merely acknowledge the incredible geology behind the formation of these beautiful crystals, they are a wonderful addition to any crystal collection. Whether you purchase a Lemurian crystal from Soul of Lemuria, or somewhere else, I suggest you ask the seller to give you information on the origin of the crystal.  A reputable seller should be able to tell you where the Lemurian was mined and what year. If they are claiming to have a rare mineral inclusion, have they had it lab tested? What were the results?  As always, ask questions!  Here at Soul of Lemuria we can tell you where the Lemurian was mined, what year and when needed, can provide lab test results for unique specimens. 

Now I want to know what is your favorite Lemurian?!


Disclaimer: This information is based upon my personal experience.  Always seek the guidance of your doctor or other qualified health professionals with any questions you may have regarding your health or medical condition.  Never disregard the advice of a medical professional, or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this Website. 


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    Great blog post! Really helpful! My favorite lemurian has to be my Red Dreamcoat!

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    Thank you so much for this blog post! I am new to crystals and have been trying to figure out of if Lemurians are a formation, a crystal or what?! I really love the way you write too! I’ve gone and read more of your blogs! Really good!

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