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Article: Yin Yang Lemurians

Yin Yang Lemurians
crystal hearing

Yin Yang Lemurians

I am so excited to be able to share this new find with you!  During the pandemic in 2020 I purchased this new find from Araçuaí, Brazil.  As my followers know, I like to “get to know” a crystal and work with and share its “character” with you.  I believe that a crystal will let us know when it is time to introduce them to the world.  In the fall of 2023, they finally said now was the time!

As I mentioned, these were mined in 2020 and as of the writing of this blog post they were a one-time find. I’ve recently inquired if the mine has produced anymore and I’ve been told that as of right now the mine is closed.  These were all mined together at the same time, so it is fun to be able to look at them all and see the different characteristics of the group.

Let’s talk science!  I had these lab tested when they first arrived in 2020.  When looking at them they seem to have different groups.  95% of the find are Morion Quartz, with the other 5% having a beautiful dark smoky phantom that almost encompasses the inner lemurian quartz. The second growth is a high luster white quartz, or a beautiful opaque white quartz with pearlescence. About 5% of the find have a natural coating of iron on them which give them a natural aura flash. 

The lab report states: “This is an unusual specimen.  Compositionally a very clean quartz.  The inner quartz shows exposure to high volcanic heat with a second growth quartz with trails of secondary fluid inclusions.  This shows evidence of drastic cooling in temperature.  Trace elements of mica, hematite and aluminum were also found present, likely as part of the surrounding matrix. This is a very interesting specimen.”

What the lab report teaches us is that the presence of aluminum supports that this is a natural occurring rare morion quartz that was created through the high heat and natural irradiation in the earth. The outer white that you see on the second growth is actually caused by fluid inclusions, or one might call them enhydros.  Technically an enhydro is only properly used when referring to water found in agates. The correct term in anything outside of agate is fluid inclusion.  A fluid inclusion can be anything from water to oil. In this case, I think it is highly likely the inclusion is salt water. Some of the crystals have skeletal quartz like terminations in which you can see non-moving fluid inclusions. And in those cases, sometimes it appears that there is dried salt in some pockets.  Very interesting!

Let’s talk about their energy now. I named these Yin Yang Lemurians because they are all about healing through balance.  True, natural, morion quartz is actually very rare. Morion is said to aid one in “shadow work.”  What one means by that is aiding one in facing the “darker” side of one oneself and helping to block self-imposed obstacles to healing. In my opinion, this is a part of what I mean by helping us to find balance. Morion quartz is also said to be very calming.  I think these are wonderful crystals for anyone who is a healer or therapist.  They help to balance overwhelming emotions and really help with anxiety attacks. I found these to be so calming I honestly expected the lab report to come back and say there was lithium!

Fluid inclusions are another rare element that Ying Yang Lemurians possess and shouldn’t be discounted in their energy profile.  Fluid inclusions amplify, focus, and in my opinion, transmute energy.  I think this is why these Yin Yang Lemurians help to balance our chakras so easily and are major healing crystals.  I have received messages from our online community and they have mentioned that these Lemurians have helped them heal old emotional and spiritual wounds. 

How does that work exactly?  The other rare element to these crystals is that it seems that nearly all of them have record keepers.  Record keepers are found either on the inner lemurian or/also on the outer coat. If you are looking to do Akashic Records work, I would highly suggest using these.  When working with these to aid in healing emotional wounds, they ground you and balance you so that your higher self/soul can aid you in how to finally let that wound heal. You are your greatest healer!

Before bringing this to a close, I have to also mention the possible connection these also have to Pele / Pele Lemurians.  The inner Lemurian resembles Pele Lemurians and I have found that they work so well with them.  If you were part of my recent Instagram Live Sale you would have heard me mention that during a channeling session with these Yin Yang Lemurians I experienced Pele coming through while I was activating the crystals.  I mentioned that more than once during my own energy healing with these crystals that I felt my upper body get very hot and my lower body was ice cold and within that there felt a perfect peaceful balance. After mentioning all of this, one of my followers mentioned the story of Poli’ahu and Pele. If you are curious and would like to read the moʻolelo (story) yourself you can do so here.    It is interesting that these were crystals were formed with volcanic heat and then a very sudden cooling as happens in this story!

I hope that you find your own Yin Yang Lemurian to work with! A mantra that was given to me while working with these is found below.  I hope you find it helpful!



Like Earth, I AM balance

Like Air, I AM free

Like Fire, I AM passion

Like Water, I AM serene


Disclaimer: This information is based upon my personal experience.  Always seek the guidance of your doctor or other qualified health professionals with any questions you may have regarding your health or medical condition.  Never disregard the advice of a medical professional, or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this Website. 


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