Live Sale Policies and FAQ

These policies are strictly for our  Live Sales on Instagram. Our Live Sales are announced in advance on our IG page! These sales are a fun and exciting opportunity to see some unique and stunning mineral specimens, one of a kind new finds, and hang out with fun and friendly people!

Want to know how it works? Please read the rules below and if you have any questions about them during the live, ask away! We have a moderator, @SolConnector who also helps make sure that your questions are seen and answered promptly. In addition, we have many helpful and knowledgable people in our Live Sales that are always willing to lend a helpful hand. The following rules are in place to make sure that the live sales run smoothly and fairly for all.  Please note that by participating in our Instagram Live Sales you state that you have read and agreed to our Live Sale Policies listed below.

How do I claim items?

  • Items are tagged with a price, an item number, or both. Claim items by typing the item number, ex: A132.  Note the item number is not the same as the price. Unless otherwise stated in the live sale, this is the only way to claim an item. 

  • The first correct claim, as shown on our screen, gets the item. Due to different internet connections, your comments will almost always show up first on your own screen.  If you keep claiming but aren't coming through, keep trying! We find going out of the live and coming right back helps. 

What happens after I claim an item?

  • We record all claims during each sale. If we are hosting a multiple day live sale claims from both nights combine into one invoice. We record your Instagram username, the item you claimed, and the price (with code). We call out the name of the person that claimed during the Live Sale so everybody knows the item was claimed and who got it. Please note that you are expected to purchase the item(s) you claim.

Where do I find my invoice?

  • We do not email invoices out. Please do not DM or email us your email address for invoicing purposes. We post all Live Sale invoices to our website here within 24 hours of our live sale.
  • To find your Live Sale listing, go to Instagram Sales and click Instagram Live Sales. Click on the date of the Live Sale. You will then be promoted to enter a password to access your listing. If you are not already following @solinsider, simply add friend and we will accept you. The password for that live sale can be found posted on that page. We do this for the privacy of you our customer. We have found that our customers greatly appreciate this feature, even though it adds a step to the process. Once you type in the password, simply add your listing to the shopping cart. 
  • Before you complete the checkout process you can add any items from the website to your cart at the same time and take advantage of our domestic Flat Rate Live Sale shipping. Payment is due within 24 hours of your listing being posted. We appreciate your prompt attention to this. 

What does it cost to ship my items?

  • Live Sale orders for domestic USA customers ship for a Flat Rate of $9 regardless of size, quantity or weight. The average cost to ship our live sale orders to customers are usually between $15-27, so we are happy to offer this cost saving opportunity to our clients. You can also add items from the website to your shopping cart and checkout and that will be added to your box to ship for $9. 

  • International customers will not be charged shipping at checkout. 
  • Please note that refunding of any shipping overages is at our discretion.

Can I swap or put back items after a Live Sale?

  • Please no swaps or put-backs during or after the live sale. We understand mistakes happen, and we will put back claims made in error, however abuse of our Live Sale policies by excessive put-backs or swaps may limit your ability to participate in future Live Sales. Multiple customers try to claim an item at the same time in our Live Sales, so putting back or backing out of a claim after invoices are posted is not fair to the other customers. Backing out of orders or not communicating with us when an invoice is due will likely lead to a ban from our Live Sales. 

Can I use a payment plan to purchase my Live Sale order?

Can you send me a picture or video of my claimed items?

  • Unfortunately, due to the extremely high volume of DM's we receive after a live sale we cannot send pictures or videos of items that you claimed during the live. However, we do save the Live Sales and post them, so you can go back, watch and screen shot.  You can also screen shot them during the live. 

There is an error on my invoice/I cannot find my invoice on the website.

  • Mistakes happen! Simply DM us @souloflemuria and we will fix any problems!