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Article: "Blue Tara Quartz" from Itacambira, Brazil

"Blue Tara Quartz" from Itacambira, Brazil
blue tara

"Blue Tara Quartz" from Itacambira, Brazil



To the best of my knowledge, and research, Blue Tara Quartz has only been found in one location: Ipupiara, Brazil.  Mineral testing has already been done on this material by Little Lemuria, which you can read here.  Prior to this, the only guess given (without minerological testing) was that it was a quartz composed mainly of Riebekite and Olenite.  Thanks to this testing it was actually found that the mineral is in the tourmaline group!  

After 9 long months of partnering with miners, manifesting, and a lot of faith and patience, a brand new location of Blue Tara has been found in Itacambira, Brazil!  I will share the story of their location and my opinion of their metaphysical properties below.  But first, I want to share the mineralogical testing. 

Why did I have this material tested if the material from Ipuparia has already been done?  One, it's from a different location in Brazil. Two, there was fibrious material present on not only the inside, but the outside of the quartz and I wanted to be sure this was not in the asbestos family and was safe. Third, I was excited to see any difference between the two locations. 

Summary of testing results: 

  • Fibrous material is composed of an aluminum silicate with iron, magnesium and sodium.
  • Testing revealed it is a tourmaline family between schorl and dravite.
  • The mineralogist made note that what is very interesting and unusual is that you have the fibrous loose material found outside of the quartz. 

I would also like to use this teaching moment to correct a common misunderstanding.  This material, due to the fibrous inclusions is often called an amphibole.  The fibers found in both the Ipupiara and Itacambira are in the tourmaline group which is a cyclosilicate, whereas the amphibole is an insosilicate.  That means that they are very different structurally as well as chemically.  They do look visually similar, but that's where the similarity ends.  Please join me and educate others that this is not an amphibole. 

Above: Example of the fibrous tourmaline present outside the quartz.

 The story behind this find:

On February 11 of this year I woke up from a wonderful dream of gorgeous blue cluster crystals. That day was also the one year anniversary of my decision to leave my full time job and really focus on energy healing and finding you the best crystals I could!  After that dream, I knew that there were crystals calling!  I messaged my friends in Brazil and said Blue Tara is coming! Thus began the hunt for these crystals.  It's amazing the serendipity of events and people that had to meet in order to bring these crystals out of the ground.  Clearly they were saying, "Hello, we are here and ready! Come find us!"

About 3 months into our search a miner decided to climb to the top of a mountain in Itacambira.  There he found a small piece of Blue Tara and what proceeded was 6 more months of patiently and carefully bringing these crystals to the surface.  The mining of this material is very slow and very hard.  It takes on average 3 hours to climb to the top of this mountain.  Miners must carry their food, provisions, and tools during this 3 hour climb, and then camp for long periods of time.  There is NO blasting or oil fueled machines to mine this material. It is 100% mined by hand.  You can tell when you look at these.  They are so carefully and lovingly mined.   It has been a wonderful experience to get to  know the miners over these past months and share our wonder and love of these crystals.  Soul of Lemuria also sent them food and provisions as a thank you for the care and hard work they are putting into bringing these crystals to us! 

The crystals themselves are a crystal clear quartz with light blue to deep navy/midnight blue fibrous inclusions.  The unique blue fibrous tourmaline that's also present outside of the quartz has a beautiful shimmer to it.  

Now for those who are interested in the metaphysical, let's talk about their energy. These have a very strong connection to the element of water. In fact, the energy often feels like gentle lapping waves. When I unpacked the first peace I heard a name, definitely not in English. After a phone call with a friend in Brazil, I translated the word I was hearing: Iara.  Go here to hear it said. I had never heard this name before and had no idea what it meant.  Iara is the name given to the mythical mermaids of the Amazon! This Blue Tara also presents to me as a strong Yin (female) energy. 

Working with this material I have noted that it stimulates the upper chakras: throat, third eye and crown. I would not say that these crystals remove blocks for you, rather, I would say that the energy assists you in whatever way you need to dive into whatever the blockages are so that you can clear the blockages.  Personally, I have used the image of the mermaid to meditate with when using this Blue Tara to aid me in doing a "deep dive" into what I needed to self-heal. Their energy is clear and very awake, but not overwhelming. I have no doubt that they will call their person to them as they called me to find them! 

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Disclaimer: This information is based upon my personal experience.  Always seek the guidance of your doctor or other qualified health professionals with any questions you may have regarding your health or medical condition.  Never disregard the advice of a medical professional, or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this Website. 


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Thanks for the detailed information Jen! Your website is awesome. My friend loves the Blue Tara you helped me give him. You are a serious rock star! The squirrels and I love you.


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