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Raw Ocean Jasper | Druse | OJ56

Sale price$70.00 USD

Mined | Analalava, Madagascar 2024

Ocean Jasper | Also known as Orbicular Jasper or Cellular Jasper, is a very rare variety of Jasper, a silicon dioxide mineral, and a member of the quartz family.  Its defined by circular “orb” like patterns that can be seen as green, brown, blue, yellow, grey, white, pink or red. This unusual mineral has only one known locality that offers extreme obstacles to even get too. This mineral is mined from the base of a cliff only accessible by boat during low tide. The exact location is Marovato, Ambolobozo, Analalava District, Sofia Region, Mahajanga Province, Madagascar; which is located along the northeastern coast of the country.

Metaphysical | There are many attributes associated with this soft and gentle stone. Overall, in our opinion,  Ocean Jasper is extremely nurturing. This stone encourages you to embrace love, happiness and joy, even when you may find it hard to do so. This is the perfect crystal to connect with whenever you need some TLC after a long day.


Raw Ocean Jasper | Druse | OJ56
Raw Ocean Jasper | Druse | OJ56 Sale price$70.00 USD