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Article: Bahia's New Red Jasper!

Bahia's New Red Jasper!

Bahia's New Red Jasper!

Hello SOL Family!! Today is an exciting day in my life because it is the one-year anniversary of quitting my full time job and taking the leap to run and operate what is now SOUL OF LEMURIA!  I want to thank you all for joining me on this amazing journey!  And what a journey it has been!!!  I am living in a state of grateful abundance in the relationships that we are creating and the amazing healings that have occurred over the course of the year since I was also able to open up my previously private energy healing practice to the public! 

I wanted to take a few minutes to talk to you about a few things.  One is setting the energy for the year to come, explaining a little more how I work, and give you my read on the Red Jasper I have from Bahia.

First, I want to talk about exclusivity.  This is not the type of energy I want to create for Soul of Lemuria. This also includes crystals and clients. There really is no such thing as exclusivity in the mineral world. I view crystals as our allies and I have no exclusive "right" to them.  There is always a miner who is taking crystals out of a mine and selling them on the side, or crystal shops that are going to share clients.  The energy I am building here at Soul of Lemuria is inclusivity.  I ask you to help me build that in the year to come!

Now, let me talk a little about how I work.  In the past,  I have done the work of channeling new crystals and giving the general energy profile of that crystal.  I say general, because when a crystal ally works with you, it can specifically target something that it can help YOU with, while still serving a general universal purpose.  Needless to say, there is actually a lot more that goes into the simple question, "Jen, can you connect to this crystal and give me more info on it?"  In the past, I have done this for other crystal shop owners free of charge and that was very lucrative for them, and I celebrate the abundance.   I am no longer providing this service for other crystal shops so that I can focus on the crystals that come to me, and have better management of how the information I receive is distributed.  I receive several requests every day from people or other crystal shops asking me to help them work with a crystal, channel a new find, etc. I even receive requests from the miners to help them locate crystals. The reason I get these requests is because people find that I am accurate.  I never discredit another person’s experience with a crystal. What I do is channel from Source without ego attached (and that is actually something that takes a lot of experience) so that the message is clear and accurate.  

In the past couple months, I have gotten a lot of requests to give my opinion on a new find of red jasper from Bahia that was being sold as Fascia Jasper. I have connected with this material before, because I have been paid to clear it and I have been asked if I could find it. In addition, many people have asked me if I could confirm the medical claims that have been attached to it. That I am not comfortable doing, but I felt there was a certain responsibility to purchase some and see what the stone had to say.  Not to mention, this is what I do best in my opinion, so I was excited to have fun with a new find to hear what it had to say! 

What I found out is that this material is mined from the same location that they are mining pink amethyst. I have not done mineral testing on this lot, because honestly, it didn’t seem that big of a deal since testing has already been done on it. I would like to clarify that I am not calling this fascia jasper or trying to claim it’s fascia jasper.  I don't feel the material I have needs a name, nor am I trying to use a name someone else has put on it.  I’m just giving facts here as to where it is from, what it is, and the channeled energy profile which others pay me to do – but in this instance, free for all of us!  So let’s talk facts: this is mined in Bahia Brazil, it’s mined in the same location as what is being sold as fascia jasper. As I mentioned, having cleared a number of those specimens, I can say, energetically I do not think this is the exact same energy profile.  I know that what I have was mined around the fall of 2021.  I think what I have is newer out of the mine, which probably means deeper.  So, it's similar but different. My opinion is that this area where they are mining it has some really interesting things going on. I should say that I have not read any of the other blog posts about this original material or what people are saying. If you know how I work, you know I don’t bother with that.  I also would like to say I am not a medical expert, do not claim to be, and you should always consult your doctor. This channeling of this particular batch of Jasper got very medical and I have done my best to explain what I saw and heard without being an expert in that field. If you are an expert in this field, I would love to hear from you if this makes sense!

Here is my experience with it when I asked to see the universal functioning of this material:  

Once cleared and awake it felt like a MRI scan of my body. The energy initially  focused on attaching itself to my red blood cells and it was an instant feeling of oxygen enrichment, with an instant boost in physical energy. I felt an increase of red blood cells and an absorption into fibrous material which I do believe was fascia.  This jasper however, was clear that it worked with the production of "liquid fascia" in the body.  Full disclosure, I did not know that existed when channeling that.  What it showed me is that it works like collagen – it helps to reproduce it. On a personal note, I have arthritis and I can say that I did feel a relief when meditating with this material. I believe the relief I felt was from the aid this material  gives in the reproduction of liquid fascia to the joints.  I would also suggest putting this in the bathtub with you or putting a tower of it in the shower. It LOVES water!

I’d like to end on just one last note – it’s come to my attention that there is some messaging other shops going on…Jen is now carrying xyz, aren’t you angry?  With love, I give this PSA: I am friends with many of the shops. If not, I would hope that anyone would appreciate someone giving further information on a crystal for the whole collective free of charge.  Again, I claim no exclusivity on crystals. Example: the Dreamcoat Lemurians. I am thrilled that they are getting out there!!  I just ask that sellers give the correct information, and if one uses my written material word by word, that they credit where the information came from. I want to ask that you help me keep the vibration high by not participating in that kind of energy.  There’s no team Jen or team other. There is just love.


PS: this blog post has been password protected not out of a space of exclusivity, but out of healthy boundaries. By that I mean, those who want to learn more can, without the hassle of the whole internet having access to read and comment freely. In the future, if I should decide to make this blog public I would remove any comments from the comment section so that they would remain private.

PSS: Permission is not granted for the republication of this blog post and the content within without my written permission. 


Thanks for sharing your insights.
Liquid fascia sounds like the extracellular matrix which is a vital part of our connective tissue (fascia). It’s viscous and must stay hydrated. As we age, are sedentary, etc., the matrix dries out (but can easily be rehydrated thru movement, etc.). Often pains we assume are musculature (pulled muscles,etc) actually are the fascia and its matrix. I’ve been working with fascia jasper a little while, as I practice Yin yoga or bathe, and I find it to support healing. I’m sorry you’re being plagiarized! People seem to assume if it’s on the internet it’s free. As a published author, I have had my words and theories stolen. It suckks! Although when my students unknowingly plagiarize me, it’s sadly amusing.


Thank you Jen for your read the new find. It is very interesting. I truly appreciate your thoughts on building relationships of love,inclusivity. I honor the work you are doing in the crystal realm and the human realm. I love learning in the lives and enjoy the community. Thank you!


Thank you Jen for your read the new find. It is very interesting. I truly appreciate your thoughts on building relationships of love,inclusivity. I honor the work you are doing in the crystal realm and the human realm. I love learning in the lives and enjoy the community. Thank you!


Thank you!! Enjoyed reading this post and looking forward to hearing more!


Thank you for this blog post and the healthy boundaries set in them and knowledge shared.
I fell so grateful and would love to get a tower for my tub and shower. I look forward to your finds you will share on the lives and thanks for bringing me I to the SolFamily

Dana Flores

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