Hydrothermal Starbrary Lemurians | Tools for Transmuting Energy

There is a new find from Serra do Cabral, Brazil.  They are Smoky Hydrothermally Etched Quartz.  I am not sure whether people realize this yet, but these crystals have appeared in two different locations.  That’s right! Very similar quartz with the same markings were discovered around the same time in Bahia, Brazil! Roughly, we are talking about a 500-mile distance between both finds. How exciting to be able to work with this new find and present them to you! 

This blog is going to focus on my Serra do Cabral crystals.  I do understand that the Bahia finding has been given a trade name, but for the purpose of keeping things clear and simple, I am just going to refer to these as Hydrothermally Etched Starbrary Quartz.  A common occurrence with these crystals is that they have numerous glyphs, or Starbrary markings with white swirls intertwined in the quartz.  I have not lab tested these myself, but I feel confident that the white mineral is likely kaolinite.

I invite you to sit back and enjoy the rest of this blog where I talk about my own experience with these crystals and take the opportunity to discuss what we mean by “Starbrary” markings.  

These crystals communicate really quickly and easily if you are so inclined to be open to communicate with crystal allies.  As soon as I unpacked these, I was shown water right away. They were thirsty! I felt that these needed to be left out to soak in the brook in my yard, and that is what they did!  I also want to make note of how I felt an immediate ease and gentleness with the energy of these crystals through a connection of water.  This is a little hard to explain, so please be patient with me as I attempt to do my best! 

I am reminded that our bodies are made up of 60-75% water. I have never had a crystal where I felt it physically connect to the water in my body, and through that my energy.  In connecting this way, it allowed me to experience my own body in a new manner.  I felt like my body was its own hydropower plant. The water in me is creating a turbine that is spinning to power the generator that creates the energy that is me.  When connecting with the crystal, I felt the crystal doing something that I do all the time – transmutation.

Let’s talk about transmutation because that’s a term that isn’t in our every day vocabulary.  Before we jump in, let me remind you of the Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy.  This Law states that energy is constantly moving, transmuting, or transferring; it’s always in motion. Since water has been a theme, let’s stick with water as an example. Water can transition into snow, rain, steam, clouds and even ice.  Water can transform through different states, but it never disappears from Earth. You cannot get rid of the energy that is water, but you can transmute its form.

As humans, we are meant to interact with energies around us. That means interacting with the energies that leave us feeling sparkly and like the world is made up of rainbows and unicorns.  But it also means that we experience fear, anxiety, anger, sadness, etc. Classic situation: you are a sensitive person and you dislike going into large crowds because you’re more likely to feel all the feelings, including those negative feelings and energies that people are carrying.  You go home and you don’t know why you are feeling sad and angry, seemingly out of nowhere?  Here is where transmutation is needed.  I teach this to my energy healing clients all the time. There are many different methods to transmute energy, but this is the way I teach it.  You need to feel the emotion fully.  If it’s fear, feel that fully.  Get scared.  If it’s anger, embrace that anger and feel it fully!  Who does this belong to?  Match 100% of the emotion/energy on all levels.  Once you have done this, imagine pulling it out of yourself and into a golden sphere.  Watch it get bigger until you feel it all leave your body and then send it back to its owner.   When you send it back, you do so without any emotion. You simply send it back.  Holding the emotions and low vibrational energy of others does not, in fact, help those people!  Let people do the work they need to do. 

Alternatively, you can also use transmutation on the higher vibrational energies.  The excitement that you are feeling can be transmuted into creating something new!  That love you are feeling can be transmuted into healing self-love, etc!

What a wonderful new crystal allie we have been given to work with! I am sure that there are going to be other experiences and opinions of others about these crystals and I look forward to hearing about those!  For those wanting my opinion, based on my experience with these crystals, they have the capability to be a tool to assist one with transmutation.  They aid in grounding us so that we can transmute the energy that needs to go!  (Reminder, you cannot transmute energy if you are not grounded). Just like water, let the energy flow through you and wash away whatever is not yours! However you do this, it will be the right way for you! Don’t get caught up on “rules.”

Let’s transition and talk about the unique starbrary glyphs that these crystals have. Starbraries are identifiable by their unique glyph-like symbols, markings, or sometimes geometric patterns along their shafts or even their main faces. They also usually have a doorway, portal or key.  Even if they don’t have keys, which they may not, they always have a shape that makes them very easily and comfortably held in such a way that helps one to access the many layers of information stored within.

The purpose of these Starbrary crystals have many theories and I welcome you to investigate it further for yourself. One such theory is that Starbrary crystals, like Lemurians, have stored information that one can access through working with that crystal. Just like humans, animals, and plant life pass on information through their DNA that our bodies intuitively process, the same theory can apply here.  Where that information comes from is what is up for great debate.  The purpose that aligns with my own intuition is that they, like Lemurians, Starbrary crystals are tools for Ascension.  They help us to heal and to grow.  Some may use the term lightworker and that these are tools to assist a lightworker in expanding their light throughout a world that needs it.  I am not getting caught up in the theories per se, but I think the Universe finds a multitude of ways to grow, expand and give us tools for our own growth and expansion.  After all, is that not why we are all here?

There are others that teach that the markings can be assigned to specific star systems.  I am about to say something that is probably going to be really unpopular in some circles.  That being said, take what resonates, and question what doesn’t! As of May 1, 2024 there are 4,169 stars known to have exoplanets and a total of 896 known multiplanetary systems. Some of the star systems that are currently identified as having crystal ties to earth are Sirius, Orion, Cassiopeia, Leo, Ursa Minor, Andromeda, and the Pleiades. Here is where I am going to make some people upset. It does not resonate with me that one type of glyph must come from one star system. If an alien were to land in my backyard tonight and come into my home they would look at the paintings I have created and based upon this train of thought, they would take off determining that this is the artwork of Earth! This is how all of Earth expresses itself and communicates. Now you are stuck with my artwork determining everything about you. My resistance to this channeled work is that it negates individuality and puts limits on a limitless Universe that is constantly growing and evolving.

The origin that all the websites are using to denote which star systems Starbrary crystals come from appears to have been intuitively channeled from one source.  I think that channeled work has significant important information for that person, and those that it resonates with. For those that it resonates with, I applaud that. What resonates about it?  What is your soul learning? And if you are like me and this doesn’t resonate with you, you also have to ask yourself why?  What larger inner truth does that lead you to?  Either way, the original intuitively channeled information is getting you to THINK and CONNECT. I applaud that!

I was recently asked by one of my followers if Starbrary crystals had to have another crystal to activate them? I think the question may have arisen out of the fact that I felt intuitively drawn to grid all of the Serra do Cabral crystals during the May 7th new moon.  So let’s answer that with what my intuition is telling me and what science has to say about the matter.

I have never experienced another crystal that HAD to have a companion crystal to be activated, or to “work”. I can say that I also have never worked with any crystal that didn’t work well with other crystals. This is where I think people get caught up on their own “rules” or others “rules” and don’t stop to listen to what their own intuition is telling them.  Maybe YOU need it to, and that’s ok!  Let’s use the grid I created as an example.  Did these crystals NEED to have a grid to activate them?  No. In fact, these crystals were already wide awake and working when they came to me. I created the grid out of my intuition telling me that it would be good to do so for me, for you, for the planet. I also intuitively feel that these crystals would work well with Fascia Jasper. However, I’m not going to tell you that you need to buy Fascia Jasper to work with these. What does your own intuition tell you?

Here is where science comes in and it's going to twist your mind up a little.  Are you ready? Did you know that when you work with a Starbrary crystal you ARE working with the energy of two crystals? One could say that it comes with its own companion.  Starbrary and Lemurians are part of a class of crystals that are called Brazil Twin Law. It is a form of twinning that isn’t visible to the naked eye.  These markings give you a hint that the twinning is there. The twins are intergrown within the single crystal. So, does the Starbrary have to have a companion if it comes with its own? If you want to lean more about Brazil Law Twins, check out more info here  after reading the rest of this blog.  

Lastly, as I mentioned above there really are no rules! In that vein, I’m going to say something else that could again upset certain circles.  In my opinion these hydrothermally etched Starbrary quartz are in fact Lemurians.  Some you can clearly see the Lemurian striations, while others have had the striations overwritten with glyphs. As I have said before, striations do not make a Lemurian, nor does shape! They do not come in the traditional “muzo habit” formation. But, there are other indicators: they are already programmed, there are a lot of Isis facets, and simply as someone who knows her Lemurians, these are Lemurian!

Thanks for taking the time to read! These crystals will be available during our weekend live sale on Instagram | May 11-12 7pm EDT each evening. I hope you can join us!  Feel free to leave your comments below, I look forward to reading them!

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  • Deanna

    Hi Jen,
    Thank you for this blog. I just wanted to share some of the thoughts that came to me when I read your blog. I resonated with a lot of what you said about the connection to water with these crystals and their ability to help us with transmutation. In thinking about what you wrote regarding star beings visiting us and seeing your artwork, I did have some of my own thoughts. I think certain famous artists have their own unique style (Picasso, for example). Each of his paintings is different, yet he does have a unique style that we can identify as “Picasso”, which pertains to other famous artists. So, like Starbrary markings, there are glyphs with a certain style that we can identify as “Hydrus, Andromeda, Leo, etc.” I do identify myself in a certain way because of the culture I was born into. That doesn’t mean I represent all the other people in that culture, but it does comprise part of my identity. As far as there being a lot of different star systems, maybe it wasn’t part of their mission to leave markings and messages on crystals on Earth, but some of them did. I definitely agree that not all Lemurians have lines (they could have been removed from erosion, or overwritten by glyphs, etc.), and not all crystals with striations are Lemurian. It’s about the energy of the crystal. I have a collection of Lemurians that include crystals that are not even Quartz. Just want to say that I am in no way trying to refute your intuition and I respect you for sharing; you invited comments and these are just thoughts that came to me that I wanted to share. Thank you, and Blessings.

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