Thriving During Mercury Retrograde!

Mercury Retrograde is here!  This Mercury Retrograde starts May 10 and lasts through June 2. People hear Mercury Retrograde and panic!  We expect computers to break, cars not to start, communications to go a little awry in relationships, business matters to get complicated...and the list goes on. Let's hit the pause button here for a moment though. 
First of all, let's remind ourselves what the spiritual purpose of retrogrades are. Retrogrades offer us a chance to slow down and to review. We get out of the fast lane and pull over so we can see where we have come from and where we are going. If we do not revisit the past, we can’t learn from it. When you hear retrograde, think reflection and revision! 
For this Mercury Retrograde there are three phases:
  1. April 26 to May 10 – The first shadow phase: Mercury enters the retrograde zone (26° Taurus) to Mercury stationary retrograde (4° Gemini). (We start to feel the effects)
  2. May 10 to June 3 – The retrograde phase: Mercury stationary retrograde (4° Gemini) to Mercury stationary direct (26° Taurus).
  3. June 3 to 18 – The second shadow phase: Mercury stationary direct (26° Taurus) to Mercury leaves the retrograde zone (4° Gemini). (Effects may still linger)

What is this Retrograde going to look like?

In my opinion, during this Mercury Retrograde there is going to be natural tension that could arise between your thoughts and feelings.  Literally your mind and heart in disagreement, likely surrounding relationships.  I feel there is a very specific feminine energy to this retrograde so I would not be surprised if those feelings fall in female relationships. Given that this retrograde is happening in the sign of Gemini, the sign of communication - your thoughts and feelings are probably going to make it difficult to find the right words.  Don't panic. Instead, welcome gratitude in for the opportunity to be kind with yourself and the way you choose to express yourself in order to keep the relationships going smoothly. (Pro-tip: don't make any assumptions about a person or a situation until you know all the facts!)

My own oracle reading suggests that on a global level this is going to be a retrograde that pulls us towards women's issues, feminism, mothers, etc.  No surprise then the recent news regarding women's reproductive rights.  I am not going to dive into political implications on this blog, however, if I practice what I preach I need to ask regardless of a ruling what higher purposes does this serve our collective and really being OPEN to hearing the answer to that.  A key to this is being able to remove our own ego's from what we want that answer to be! 

One of the best things we can do during this time is to journal!  What thoughts are coming to you during this time? Emotions? Events? Ask yourself what purpose these serve for your highest good? Mercury Retrograde gifts us with the ability to uncover new information we need to move forward in the most competent manner. If you hear the call to dive into deep reflection, the retrograde of Mercury can actually help us ground and reconnect to our center at a time when we need it the most.  

A crystal alley that I will be using this retrograde is my personal Pele Lemurian.  There is  balance I feel with the masculine warrior energy of the Pele Lemurian and the feminine energy at play during this time. Being a crystal of ascension it is the perfect tool to help navigate the personal growth I need during this time.  

If you would like to view available Pele Lemurians you can find them here!

Remember, this is a gifted time of growth and you can bloom! 


  • DianeHenry

    Interesting blog on retrograde.a number of night ago i felt pulled to start sleeping with
    My pele root under my pillow. Makes sense after reading the blogs. Thanks!!

  • Dana Flores

    I love this new blog and the perspective of retrograde and how to phrase it in a positive

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