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Golden Scarlet Temple Lemurian | GSL12

Sale price$56.00 USD

Location | Cristalina, Brazil 2020

Size | 3.5” L

Classification | Very rare. You do not find many of these being mined right now, nor with the luster and vibrant color found on these.

Mineral | Quartz with Iron Oxide.  The iron develops during the second growth (outer shell) of the crystal.  The amount of water, heat and pressure determines the intensity of the color and luster. 

Physical Characteristics | These are considered Scarlet Temple Lemurians.  Scarlet Temple Lemurians comes in all sorts of colors.  Visually what you are looking for in a Scarlet Temple is a second layer, or "jacket" over the inner Lemurian.  This second layer of growth will show "cat scratches" - yup! Lines that will appear down the crystal and is a hallmark of this type of Lemurian.  They tend to be more likely to also have record keepers and/or starbrary markings.  

Metaphysical | Scarlet Temple Lemurians are associated with the High Priestesses of Lemuria. Coated in a thin layer of hematite  (iron) like the robe of a spiritual leader, the stone is rich with divine feminine energy. Lemurian lore suggests that the High Priestess of a community was the one to pass down memories in the form of song-like vocalizations. This act of passing on of memories was the birth of what would evolve into modern human wisdom.

Golden Scarlet Temple Lemurian | GSL12
Golden Scarlet Temple Lemurian | GSL12 Sale price$56.00 USD