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Article: Working With Lemurian Roots

Working With Lemurian Roots

Working With Lemurian Roots


Lemurian crystals remain one of my favorite crystals to work with. One important distinction about Lemurian quartz is that unlike other quartz that can be programmed specifically to do what you need, Lemurian quartz comes preprogrammed. So, that means that they are crystals that you have to activate. Common forms of activation for Lemurians is said to be rubbing your fingers along the “bar codes” (these are the striations you see on Lemurians) which are found on the base of the crystal.  This “activates” the crystal and connects one to higher energy/Lemurian knowledge, etc.

There does not seem to be a lot written about Lemurian Roots however.  Lemurian Roots are rare to find.  As their name suggests, they are found underneath Lemurian crystals, forming the base from which the Lemurians grew. Through earth activity they eventually break off from the root.

As I was doing my own research on how others were suggesting on working with the roots it seemed that the only recommendation out there was to meditate with these crystals on your third eye.  That did not resonate with me, but I did try it.  Nada. Now, I want to say, perhaps for others that will work, and I applaud that if it does. The following is what I was guided to do in working with these crystals to ACTIVATE them.  Having done so, I had a beautiful and profound experience and have incorporated this into my own mediation/energy healing work. These definitely are a crystal that I think would benefit any energy healer in their grounding work!

Why is it so important to be grounded anyway?  Grounding is step one in everything. It helps to make sure that your spirit and physical body are connected.  It also is an effective way of increasing your own energy (and if you are going to do energy work, you are going to need the boost).  Grounding also aids you in tuning out the noise around you and going within to tune into what your own inner voice has to say.  Have you ever played a sport and felt yourself get in “the zone”?  It’s a little like that.  There is also a lot of physical health benefits to the practice of grounding, but that is a blog post for another time.

Let’s focus again on these Lemurian Roots! Being “root” crystals, perhaps it seems too simple, right? But, it felt like they wanted to be at my feet. Full disclosure, I have never done this with a crystal before, and my dog looked at me like I had lost my mind. Nonetheless, these are the things we do when the energy feels right! I felt guided to place the crystal between the pads of my feet.  Once I placed the root in between my feet it was an immediate activation of the crystal and I felt myself instantly grounding! I felt as if I was growing roots myself and immersing deeply into the earth.  Next came a feeling of energy pulsing up my spine in the form of a double helix. I want to make a note here that I am not talking about kundalini energy.  This was not the same. I felt each chakra being cleared and opened for the grounding energy of the earth to flow up and out, past my 7 chakras and continuing upward through 8, 9 and onward. I was surprised at two things: how immediate the process was and how it also cleared me. If you are an energy worker the reason I think these are great tools is because of how easy and immediate the grounding and clearing work is. I have tried using these with distance healing and find the result to be the same on my client as well.

Now here is the second part. I was still sitting with the root between my feet and I felt the urge to “complete the circuit.”  I took a Lemurian crystal that I use during meditation and placed it between my hands.  Again, the connection was instantaneous and profound. I felt a circuit connecting and completing. A golden energy showered me and my aura expanded exponentially.  The energy pulsated until it became a gentle lapping sensation.  I felt connected to oneness. 

This is what true Lemurian healing is, and what these roots have to teach us.  They root us, clear us, and connect us to Oneness. When you are in that state of oneness you are connected to your true-self and that is true healing!

If you have worked with these Lemurian Roots I would love to hear your experience!  Need a Lemurian Root?  There are currently medium and small sized Lemurian Roots on my website if you head to the Lemurian section. 



Disclaimer: This information is based upon my personal experience.  Always seek the guidance of your doctor or other qualified health professionals with any questions you may have regarding your health or medical condition.  Never disregard the advice of a medical professional, or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this Website.  


I just bought a lovely large Lemurian root that has an area caved off in which my thumb fits perfectly. It’s like it was made for my hand. I’m excited to try what you recommend!


Wow! I have this a try this morning after hearing you mention it in your live last night and oh my gaaaaawd! Especially the part about completing the circuit! If you’re reading this, go do it people! Can’t explain it. Go do it!


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