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Corinto Lemurians

Don't have the time to catch a live sale on Instragram?  Internet too slow?   You will like this option! 

How to: Move your mouse over the video for the play button, full screen option is in the lower right hand corner.  The use of full screen allows you to show the scroll bar). Grab a paper and pen and mark down the crystals that are resonating with you.  You can see what is still available by scrolling down.  All the items are listed in order of the grid so that you can quickly navigate through the video to get to the piece you want.  Add the items you want to your cart and your new crystal is on its way to you! 

This video highlights Corinto Lemurians from Minas Gerais,Brazil. 

Corinto Lemurians from Minas Gerais, Brazil from Crystal Addict Closet on Vimeo.


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Corinto Lemurian CL3
Corinto Lemurian CL3 Sale price$370.00 USD
Corinto Lemurian CL6
Corinto Lemurian CL6 Sale price$243.00 USD
Corinto Lemurian CL8
Corinto Lemurian CL8 Sale price$1,600.00 USD