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Article: SOL Family Note July 2022

SOL Family Note July 2022

SOL Family Note July 2022


Dear SOL family,

I have been reminded of a quote from Deepak Chopra taken from his book, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Superheroes: Harnessing Our Power to Change the World.  He writes, “…superheroes balance the forces of light and dark, rage and serenity, and the sacred and the profane within themselves and from it forge an identity that is powerful and purposeful.”  Have someone hold your beer friend, because we have merged into a whole new era and it’s time to zip up that superhero suit (bejeweled in crystals of course)!  Let’s dive in…  


Take a look at the photo above.  This was a reading I decided to do to help me sort through the big energies I was feeling and guide me in transforming emotions into language.  The Ace of Cups here is in a position representing what the energetic theme is for us as a collective in July.  I intuitively feel that the Ace and the 3 of cups give a nod to the worldwide discourse that is happening around the right to life.  What I am very happy to see is that there is an uplifting message here!  The Wheel acknowledges that it’s a time when we do not know where the wheel will stop and what will happen when it does.  We know that it’s natural to expect some hard times ahead of us, but we are being guided to the new relationships and partnerships that are going to help see us through this. You may be finding that this month literally marks a new start in your life or ideology.  It is a new chapter of genesis for you, guided in a foundation of love.  This is a kind of love that makes us hum to life and set us into motion.  All one needs to do is open their hearts to it and allow it in. When we allow divine love in, creation flows. New ideas come to life. What vague new ideas or feelings are starting to stir in you?

For myself, I have been reminded of my time working with undergraduate students in Washington, DC.  The rite of passage when one attends any orientation, club, class or social gathering is the dreaded ice-breaker. My go to easy ice-breaker was: “If you could have any superhero power what would it be?”  I always said teleportation, because I maintain that would be AH-MAZING!  But I remember one Sophomore who answered “honesty.”  His reasoning he said was that it was the simplest thing to do, but sometimes honesty took a superhero to speak, especially in difficult times. We joked of course of him starring in a reality version of Liar Liar and his uncanny resemblance to Jim Carry!  All joking aside, he had a very valid point and it’s the energy I have felt propelling us forward as a collective the end of June and into July.  The truth spoken out of love. This is what I see as the tower card: the light of truth beaming its light into the shadow parts of ourselves and the world.  Lies and falsehoods falling apart.  What happens when they fall apart and speak the truth out of love?  We raise our vibration/ the worlds vibration.   

The Judgement card is the invitation to shed any negative facades we or the collective have been holding onto.  It’s time to drop the masks behind the masks. No more faking it. This is a profound act of self-acceptance and an opportunity for complete authenticity.  Remember, you are a walking miracle! You are composed of stardust!  Why then hide your true self? After all, when we awaken to our truth, the gift we are given is the realization that the only acceptance that affects our ascension is the one that lives within our own hearts.

Now, let me speak the truth out of love.  All of this I talked about, do you know what it takes? Work. No one else can do it for you.  Take this as the invitation from the Universe you have been looking for. 

As I draw this note to a close, I can’t help but to think about that ice-breaker once again.  Being older and wiser now I know that we already have all the power we need within ourselves.  So, I leave you with this question SOL family…what superhero power of yours is your favorite?







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I opened my email right away when I saw this! I love these notes Jen, keep them coming! I have to second what you’ve written here. I was just saying to my husband this morning that I feel like I’ve started a new chapter in my life and we’re in our 60’s! Again, beautifully written and spot on! Thank you! And my superhero power is patience!


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