SOL Family Note August 2022


Dear SOL family,

For this month’s SOL note I am going to do something I do not normally do publicly, and that is share one of my channeled messages.  In last month’s SOL note I shared with you a few major themes: that we were entering into a time of personal change with huge opportunities for growth and even bigger fundamental and ideological change for some.  I also mentioned that we needed to expect some big truths coming to light both globally and personally.  Since last month I think we can all agree that the latter has been happening in big ways that could possibly even change the course of politics and governmental systems. Accountability has arrived.  

The energy that I briefly touched upon continues into this month, but I share with you a loving message from the Archangel Metatron.

Greetings Conduit of Source,

Carry this message to the consciousness of humanity for assistance in the transition taking place globally.  On August 11, in conjunction with the super full moon, there will be an energy upgrade in consciousness for all levels of humanity. It matters not where they are on their life path.  The upgrade is global. This is something to celebrate and not fear. The lions gate remains in its peak until the 14th of August and this strengthens the super full moon.  On August 11do not distress. If something breaks, it can be healed. If something ends, there will be new life. . .   

Humanity is in alignment for change. This is a most sacred time.  Change and creation go hand in hand. I encourage you to be honest with yourself and others most especially now.  What is foremost in your minds? What are you about? How do you fit into the greater web of humanity’s interconnected consciousness? Where are you needed?

Open yourselves to the universal upgrade of this super moon. Release the fears and blockages that imprison you and leave them behind.

This time of transformation is a sacred time to look within. Have you felt the pull to do so?  You are embarking on paths humanity has not been before.  Do not expect perfection. Some of you are working hard in your minds and bodies, worried about what happened in the past or what is to come.  You’re running and running and getting nowhere. Please stop trying to control; stop putting your energy into what was and what is to be.  Use your ability to look inside yourselves and connect to your soul.  Have you not learned yet that all the different distractions, decisions, and roads all lead to the soul? In this new paradigm, new shift in humanities evolution the soul leads the way. When you connect into your soul you are strengthening the threads that weave humanities consciousness.  - Archangel Metatron 8/9/2022

I hope this message is received well. Personally, I find it uplifting and powerful in the sense that the experiences we are having are part of the journey of consciousness. It is not something to fear, we are co-creators.  

Does this resonate? Have you been feeling the invitation to look within? Have you been wanting to get in touch with your soul's desire? What wisdom does your soul have to share with you? With humanities consciousness?  I look forward to hearing how!




  • Diane

    Message resonates with whats going on in my world. Thank you. Thank you for sharing the message.

  • SubRosaRising

    Thank you dearly for sharing this channeled message Jen, it means the world! I think whilst many can feel the transformation coming in depth, it’s nonetheless scary to actually throw oneself into the unknown. Reading messages like this ultimately reinforces what we feel deep down but may not be expressing just yet, and it helps to bring forth the courage most definitely needed in these difficult times.

  • Mary Margaret

    Yes, yes, yes! I find the message very uplifting. Thank you Archangel Metatron and Jen

  • Julie

    Thank you for sharing, Jen. I received a similar message and was advised to @go with the flow.”

  • haleyentology

    Wow! This resonates on so many levels— you know what I’m talking about Jen! The timing is uncanny and just furthers the scope of what is on the horizon in my life!

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