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Article: SOL Family Note June 2022

SOL Family Note June 2022

SOL Family Note June 2022


Dear SOL family, 

Before you read on, take a deep breath because you deserve it! We have survived two eclipses and Mercury Retrograde ends today, June 3rd!  If you are a Taurus, Gemini or Virgo go get yourself a Mega Pint, because you have been going through it the past month! So, collectively, let’s take a deep breath!  Freedom! 

Coming off the energy of the past month and going into the next reminds me of one of my favorite places at the beach as a child.  Past the penny candy store and arcade sits a beautiful carousel. Built in 1928, it is gilded in gold and the carvings seemed life-like to me as a child.  Have you ever heard the expression, reach for the brass ring?  Well, this was the game played while you rode the carousel. Staying balanced on your horse (or carriage of choice) you grab the rings and see if the Wheel of Fortune has granted you the brass one!  If you grabbed the brass ring, you won a free ride! I was always too paranoid of falling off, or thinking of all the things that could go wrong!  I don’t remember what changed for me, but one day I got out of my own head and reached for that brass ring!  And you know what?  I may not have found the brass ring, but I found confidence and enjoyed the fun energy of the moment! That in-and-of itself is a gift! The energy of June is offering us the brass ring if we can get out of our own way and reach for it! And I don’t know about you, but I am ready for it!

As part of that readiness, I’d like to talk about gratitude and compassion. Gratitude and compassion are key components to manifesting abundance.  Honestly ask yourself how open are you right now to two-way abundance?  By that I mean, giving AND receiving?  I think the energy that we might run up against and be invited to heal is the energy of hoarding. I don’t necessarily mean physical items, but more so our intentions and actions. Are we giving all the help we can, but refusing to accept it?  Ask yourself why? We know that helping others (generally) makes us feel good. It stems out of abundance and is heart centered.  Being generous with everything you have learned opens the flow of abundance from the Universe. But it cannot be one sided.  In all things there is a sacred duality. Consider the sacred duality here: learning and teaching; receiving and giving; accepting and offering. Are you hoarding one more than the other?  If so, ask yourself why? What is at the root of that?  What am I being invited to heal?

Something to also be mindful of in June is the balance found in our relationships.  Are we also honoring the sacred duality here?  Partnerships (of all kinds) are a sacred gift.  Are you seeking to give fully in these relationships without weakening your own ability to remain whole? How are your boundaries? I think this month would be a wonderful check-in time to ask ourselves how are we doing on radical self-love? By radical self-love I mean the counter-social emphasis on caring for yourself and accepting yourself just as you are: the light and the shadow.  Self-love, after all, is the key to balancing the duality of any relationship.    

As I mentioned in the beginning, June has birthed a go get it energy for the month.  Consider this your invitation to the party, because it’s time to embrace all this month has to offer and go for that brass ring! Synchroneity is afoot and I see June bringing opportunities to propel us forward – if we reach for it!  Follow the bread crumbs the universe is giving you and hug serendipity when it happens!  Here is a simple mantra for the month: “I allow the transformative energy of June to help me expand my experience.”  Feel free to edit that specifically for yourself.  Example: change out the word experience for something more specific.  I like the word experience here because it is a word of movement and does not limit the abundance I want coming into my life.  But that is ME!  You can edit it whatever way you want!  There is no wrong way to do it!

Go for those brass rings my friends and let me know what happens when you do!







Jen & SOL Family- This reminds me of an expression a good friend of mine shared with me as I was transitioning into adulthood “Life is a buffet, and must poor suckers are starving to death.” I really took that mantra to heart and was constantly reaching for those brass rings not only in an effort to experience life but also in a sense to find myself. However, over the years I’ve taken less rides on the carousel getting caught up in the seriousness of my profession, world affairs, you name it. Life has been less of a buffet and more of a grocery list. Get this, make that, nourish the body, repeat, survive. As we transition out of our COVID cocoons and rediscover our zest for the buffet of life and reach for those bronze rings I’m striving to be as intentional as I can in creating opportunities for myself and those I care about. Reconnect, Rediscover, Reenergize. Helping me along the way will be my crystal allies. Wishing everyone all the best, we got this!

Trevor Tetzlaff

virgo here & I’ve definitely encountered what felt like insurmountable roadblocks over the last month. Thank you for this encouraging message! 💙


I love this!!! What great energy!!! May it be so to all of us!! Thank you!❤️❤️❤️


Thanks Jen! I am taking this as one of the signs you’re talking about. I was just thinking this morning about how unbalanced some of my relationships are and why am I allowing it? Time to welcome a shift in the way I do things.

Elizabeth P

This is the kind of message I need right now! I am a Virgo and this past month has been really rough. I am so happy to read an upbeat message. Thank you!


I needed this. I’ve become timid during Covid and not willing to just take the risk. Great article . Great visual . Thank you for the confidence builder

Robin Waterbury

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