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Shangaan Amethyst Scepter | SS23

Sale price$60.00 USD

Size | 2.0” h. 

Location | Named after the place where they come from, Shangaan Amethyst originates from the Shangaan Tribal area in Zimbabwe, Africa. The mining activity is supervised and controlled by elders & Chiefs, meaning that the region is self-determined and destructive commercial mining operations cannot take over and move money out of the region. These crystals are often mined by individual prospectors, both men and women, who have a vested interest in the care of the region.

Chief Gezani has made made two rules for the Shangaan miners:

  1. If a tree is cut, 5 must be planted
  2. If a hole is made, it must be re-filled

Metaphysical | Some who have worked with these crystals have spoken of their incredible feminine energy. These crystals heal the feminine line - connecting with, owning it, reintegrating the wisdom of the feminine in your line, and being in relationship with your inner feminine. Judy Hall, author of The Crystal Bible, believes these crystals are about untangling soul timelines, healing old patterns, and describes Shangaan Amethyst as evoking a feeling like 'coming home!' Shangaan Amethysts are Master Healers and bring transformation.

Amethyst in general brings balance and peace and is a great stone of purification. It encourages spiritual evolution and facilitates mental and spiritual detoxification.

Shangaan Amethyst Scepter | SS23
Shangaan Amethyst Scepter | SS23 Sale price$60.00 USD