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"Sagenite" Rutile | AAA Grade | Wisdom | R2

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*Each specimen will come inside a collector box. 

Mineral | Red Rutile, also called Red Schorl.  "Sagenite" is a specific rutile variety with a mesh-like network of twinned crystals. 

Location | Diamantina, Mina’s Gerais, Brazil 

Properties | Sagenite is a stone for wisdom. It helps us be judicious in our experiences and to gain insight for our inner being. It is said to provide guidance with respect to the way we learn those lessons we are required to learn in this lifetime. Sagenite provides us with mental discernment and enhances the practical side of our nature.

Sagenite is used in shamanic healing ceremonies to remove negative energy.  Shamanic healers suggest carrying Sagenite during smudging to produce a doubly powerful positive energy, encouraging radiance and brilliant white light to shine in all areas of our environment.

This very protective mineral is indeed a valuable mineral to use to cleanse and charge other minerals.

Note | These are natural minerals. It is normal to see imperfections in the mineral as they are a natural product. 

"Sagenite" Rutile | AAA Grade | Wisdom | R2
"Sagenite" Rutile | AAA Grade | Wisdom | R2 Sale price$74.00 USD