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Pink Opal | Peru

Sale price$20.00 USD

You will receive (1) polished Pink Opal tower that will be intuitively chosen for you!

Location | Peru

Size | 2.5"-3"

Metaphysical | One of SOL's favorite heart chakra minerals! This stone is wonderful for aiding in activating and clearing the heart chakra. The vibration of this mineral is calming, peaceful and tranquil!  It's a perfect stone for someone to carry if they are struggling with any sadness, especially that of a broken heart. Pink Opal will serve your emotional body when it comes to a breakup, loss of a loved one, or even long distance relationships. This crystal pushes us to look within, and strengthen our connection to our inner self. By strengthening this connection, we become stronger as individuals. Pink Opal gives a sense of individuality while showing just how strong you and your heart truly are. By turning inwards and beginning to work on yourself, emotional strain weighing on one's heart and mind begins to fade away.

Pink Opal is a great stone for any child who has anxieties, fear, or shyness holding them back from starting their life. This stone calms a child’s mind and offers up vibrations to open the child’s heart.  It's the perfect size to place under your child’s pillow if they are suffering from constant nightmares and night terrors. The calming effects that Pink Opal exhibits will directly connect to a young child’s mind, offering up protection in endless rays of love.

Suggestion to pair this crystal with | Rose Quartz  or Garnet

Pink Opal | Peru
Pink Opal | Peru Sale price$20.00 USD