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Fire Quartz DT | FQ111

Sale price$156.00 USD

Brand new find! These are semi-polished.  

Size | 3.9”

Location | Amazon Region, Pará, Brazil

Metaphysical | A wonderful stone to work with and clear the root chakra! Dragon and fire energy ripples off of these crystals. Wonderful tool to assist in helping anxiety, depression, finding purpose and helping to aid sleeping difficulties. This crystal also assists in awakening Kundalini Energy.  We at SOL suggest pairing this crystal with a Pele Dream Lemurian, Red Dreamcoat Lemurian and a Cora crystal! 

Lab Test Results | Summary of findings: This is a very interesting material (Figs. 1-2), quartz. Visible hematite is mostly present as inclusions just below the surface of the crystal, but there were some previously present that must have worn away. The evidence left are the shallow, rounded depressions on the surfaces of the quartz crystals. The black coating rich in manganese oxide is very interesting. This material is
extraordinarily complex in composition with cerium, titanium and lead present. Titanium is probably tetravalent as no other rare earth elements are present. Tetravalent cerium is a typical product of IT oxidative processes and the other rare earth elements are unaffected. It is also interesting to see this late dominance of manganese in the lower
iron coatings, while no quartz or iron crystals were clearly dominant with some areas of black manganese oxides. This material is associated with ochre- colored kaolinite, probably colored by goethite.


Fire Quartz DT | FQ111
Fire Quartz DT | FQ111 Sale price$156.00 USD