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Cubic Fluorite | Spiritual Healing

Sale price$249.00 USD

Location | Xianghualing Mine, Hunan, China

Size | 8" L  4.5" H

Weight | 7.2lbs

Mineral | Fluorite 

Properties | There is a reason why so many people collect Fluorite!  Not only is it gorgeous and a prime example of Mother Nature at its best, but it has also been allotted as a wonderful healing crystal. 

Green Fluorite is recommended when we are feeling uncomfortable and out-of-balance in our body and in life in general.  It encourages us to pause and assess if we are neglecting our physical needs.  Fluorite in general is a lovely talisman for any problem associated with the teeth, nails and joints.  Green Fluorite in particular is a good talisman for improving posture and mobility as well as for stomach cramps and intestinal problems.

Cubic Fluorite | Spiritual Healing
Cubic Fluorite | Spiritual Healing Sale price$249.00 USD