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Bundle of Luck!

Sale price$25.00 USD

You will receive 1 Aventurine 4 Leaf Clover and 1 10mm stretchy Aventurine bracelet

The 4 leaf clovers average 2.3" in diameter. 

4 Leaf Clover | Four-leaf clovers have been around for ages, and their supposed lucky powers are talked about in centuries-old legends. In the early days of Ireland, Celtic priests known as Druids carried three-leaf clovers, or shamrocks, in the belief that with their help, they could see evil spirits approaching and be able to escape. Four-leaf clovers, then, were Celtic charms, offering magical protection and warding off bad luck. Children in the Middle Ages believed they might be able to see fairies if they carried a four-leaf clover.

Aventurine | This stone is believed to be a positive stone of luck, prosperity, diffusing negative emotions, reinforcing leadership, promoting compassion and encouraging perseverance.

Bundle of Luck!
Bundle of Luck! Sale price$25.00 USD