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"Alta" Plate

Sale price$2,030.00 USD

Aren't familiar with what we are referring to in regards to "Alta"?  Go check out the blog post "We Are Alta, We Are One"

I want an entire wall like this!  A girl can dream right?

A self healed base of feldspar, quartz and inclusions of Indicolite tourmaline supports this stunner. One the front we see a castle emerging from the rock, with beautiful watermelon tourmaline. Appearing to look like pearlescent flowers, you have lithium bearing muscovite growing along the front of this piece. Also included is gemmy lepidolite. Needless to say all the pieces from this collection emite a beautiful relaxing vibration. 

Please watch the video below.  Google Chrome browser may not support the viewing of this video. 

Weight: 6.2 pounds

H: 5.7"

L: 10"


"Alta" Plate
"Alta" Plate Sale price$2,030.00 USD