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Live Sale 12/6/2020

Live Sale 12/6/2020

Listed below are our featured items from this Live Sale.  In order to make invoicing a faster and easier process, you will notice that abbreviations are now used to indicate items.  Below you can see what those abbreviations mean: 

  • Unity Lemurians, Cristalina Brazil = UL
  • Citrine Elestials, Cristalina Brazil = CE
  • Disco Elestials = DE
  • River Lemurians, Cristalian Brazil = RL
  • Blue Fluorite, Yindu Mine, Inner Mongolia = YF

Please remember to pick "Build-a-box" during check out, if you would like me to hold your purchases for up to 1 month in order to reach free shipping.  Otherwise, your items will be shipped.  Thank you! <3 

Live Sale 12/6/2020

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