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"Chocolate Cherries" | Smoky Citrine Quartz

"Chocolate Cherries", are a name given to this one time find from Diamantina, Brazil in 2019.  These unique crystals were lab tested and found to be Smoky Citrine with pink hematite phantoms.  Any crystals listed below are what we have left in stock from this one time find. 

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Sold outChocolate Cherry| CC 25Chocolate Cherry| CC 25
Chocolate Cherry| CC 25 Sale price$70.00 USD
Chocolate Cherry| CC 36Chocolate Cherry| CC 36
Chocolate Cherry| CC 36 Sale price$210.00 USD
Sold outChocolate Cherry | CC 18Chocolate Cherry | CC 18
Chocolate Cherry | CC 18 Sale price$138.00 USD
Sold outFrosted Chocolate Cherry | CC 22Frosted Chocolate Cherry | CC 22
Frosted Chocolate Cherry | CC 22 Sale price$130.00 USD
Sold outSave $108.75Self-Standing Rainbow Chocolate Cherry | CC 15Self-Standing Rainbow Chocolate Cherry | CC 15
Self-Standing Rainbow Chocolate Cherry | CC 15 Sale price$36.25 USD Regular price$145.00 USD