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60 Minute Intuitive Energy Healing
Amazonite Tumbles (XL) | Courage & Truth
Amethyst Flowers | Inner PeaceAmethyst Flowers | Inner Peace
Amethyst Flowers | Inner Peace Sale price$4.00 USD
Aquamarine Tumbles | Peace
Aquamarine Tumbles | Peace Sale price$3.00 USD
Blue Calcite (Onyx) Tumbles | Happiness
Blue Tara Tumbles (Rare) | Clarity, Cleansing, Healing, WisdomBlue Tara Tumbles (Rare) | Clarity, Cleansing, Healing, Wisdom
Sold outBlue Tigers Eye Tumbles (Rare) | Strength
Brecciated Pyramid BP1
Brecciated Pyramid BP1 Sale price$115.00 USD
Brecciated Pyramid BP10Brecciated Pyramid BP10
Brecciated Pyramid BP10 Sale price$160.00 USD
Brecciated Pyramid BP11Brecciated Pyramid BP11
Brecciated Pyramid BP11 Sale price$110.00 USD
Brecciated Pyramid BP12Brecciated Pyramid BP12
Brecciated Pyramid BP12 Sale price$115.00 USD
Brecciated Pyramid BP2Brecciated Pyramid BP2
Brecciated Pyramid BP2 Sale price$80.00 USD
Brecciated Pyramid BP3Brecciated Pyramid BP3
Brecciated Pyramid BP3 Sale price$80.00 USD
Brecciated Pyramid BP4Brecciated Pyramid BP4
Brecciated Pyramid BP4 Sale price$89.00 USD
Brecciated Pyramid BP5Brecciated Pyramid BP5
Brecciated Pyramid BP5 Sale price$76.00 USD
Brecciated Pyramid BP6Brecciated Pyramid BP6
Brecciated Pyramid BP6 Sale price$130.00 USD
Brecciated Pyramid BP8Brecciated Pyramid BP8
Brecciated Pyramid BP8 Sale price$89.00 USD
Brecciated Pyramid BP9Brecciated Pyramid BP9
Brecciated Pyramid BP9 Sale price$92.00 USD
Bumble Bee Jasper Tumbles | Positivity
Caribbean Blue Calcite and Aragonite | IntuitionCaribbean Blue Calcite and Aragonite | Intuition
Carnelian Tumbles (Not heat treated) | Self-Esteem
Sold outChocolate Cherry | CC 18Chocolate Cherry | CC 18
Chocolate Cherry | CC 18 Sale price$138.00 USD
Sold outChocolate Cherry| CC 25Chocolate Cherry| CC 25
Chocolate Cherry| CC 25 Sale price$70.00 USD
Citrine Tumbles (Top Grade Natural) | Manifestation
Corinto Lemurian CL3
Corinto Lemurian CL3 Sale price$370.00 USD
Corinto Lemurian CL6
Corinto Lemurian CL6 Sale price$243.00 USD
Corinto Lemurian CL8
Corinto Lemurian CL8 Sale price$1,600.00 USD
Crystal "Bean Bags"Crystal "Bean Bags"
Crystal "Bean Bags" Sale priceFrom $16.00 USD
Crystal Activation 1:1 Session
Crystal Activation 1:1 Session Sale price$66.66 USD
Dream Coat Lemurian A1
Dream Coat Lemurian A1 Sale price$175.00 USD