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Dreamcoat Lemurians

Dreamcoat Lemurians

Dreamcoat Lemurian crystals are found close to the Cristalina Lemurian mine in Brazil. In this flash sale you will find a vareity of colors. 

Dreamoat Lemurians: The distinct difference between the Dreamcoat Lemurians and any other crystal in the pocket is that the Dreamcoat Lemurians are similar to an onion analogy. These crystals will work with you to peel back the layers on whatever is energetically standing in your way, and patiently wait to work with you. Like all crystals from this pocket, they will aid you in manifestation. 


Instructions: Simply watch the video below and add the lemurian you would like to your cart and check out.  To view the picture, you must view the video. Thank you! 


Dreamcoat Lemurian Video 

Dreamcoat Lemurians

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