The Mystical Masterpiece
The Mystical Masterpiece

The Mystical Masterpiece

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This rare and top grade specimen is out of the world!  Not one, but two XL moving fluid inclusions, at least one other moving bubble and so many non moving bubbles I stopped counting. And in addition, it has inclusion of small gemmy epidote inside!

I have affectionately dubbed this the mystical masterpiece because the fluid inclusions encased inside contain inclusions of water, air and sediments that are millions years olds.  Holding this piece is holding a piece of our planets evolution. 

In the metaphysical world, crystals with fluid inclusions are said to help cleanse and purify emotions and thoughs, allowing you to speak with integrity, wisdom, and truth. It will help balance your emotions. Once balanced, it will aid in assisting a path forward for emotional healing. 

This is without a doubt, a one-of-a-kind top grade collectors piece!  Is it calling you?

Weight: 3.10 pounds

H : 6.5"

L: 5"

W: 3.2"


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