“Rainbow Palace” Lemurian
“Rainbow Palace” Lemurian
“Rainbow Palace” Lemurian
“Rainbow Palace” Lemurian
“Rainbow Palace” Lemurian
“Rainbow Palace” Lemurian

“Rainbow Palace” Lemurian

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Location: Cristalina, Brazil 

Weight 1.260kg

This Lemurian cluster has been named the rainbow palace because of all the gorgeous rainbows residing within almost each of the crystals making up this enchanting piece. 

What makes this piece so unique? The main crystal from which it seems the others are grown is actually a rare 8 sided faceted crystal, which we call a grounding crystal! What kind of energy does this bring to the table? As the name implies, they are good for grounding. It is reminiscent of a stop sign, which also has eight sides; use this to remember that these crystals help you to stop and ground. I like to put my thumb on the grounding face (the largest face) and use it that way. You may also press and hold the grounding face to ground energy in any chakra. Other special properties of this cluster is a twin formation that is cradled into the main crystal, like a mother and her children. We see Isis faces, diamond windows, time links to past and future.  Needless to say this piece has just about everything! 

Two small imperfections on the facets have been photographed and circled in black.  

This crystal has been cleared, and given a bath in the fresh water waterfall by my house, which leads out into the Atlantic Ocean. It is ready to be your crystal ally! 

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