Blue Smoke Lemurian | BSL 5
Blue Smoke Lemurian | BSL 5

Blue Smoke Lemurian | BSL 5

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Size | 5” H

Location | Santander, Colombia

Facts | Blue Smoke Lemurians are from a single pocket of material mined in . These are now mined out, so we are not sure if we will be able to get more. Get them now while you can! 

There have been various theories as to how the blue "smoke" is formed and what it is composed of. Test results came back eliminating the belief that there is lithium present by way of cookeite. In fact, there were no inclusions present in the "fibrous" structures. The fibrosis structures were empty tubes with no trace of any mineral remaining. Likely,  the mineral(s) that formed the tubes dissolved completely and very quickly in the formation of the quartz. The blue color can be observed when the quartz is illuminated with a strong light or direct sunlight. This color is due to the Tyndall effect, where light is scattered by particles within the material. Under the Tyndall effect, longer wavelengths are transmitted more while shorter wavelengths are diffusely reflected by scattering.

Metaphysical | A new ascension stone, Blue Smoke Quartz guides us to high-vibrational frequencies as it calms and restores balance in the body. It awakens the divine knowledge that is part of our DNA, as we recall our place in the universe. Blue Smoke Quartz helps us understand how divinely unique we are, while reminding us of our connection to the human collective.

The loving vibration of Blue Smoke Quartz cleanses our etheric shield and clears the Chakras to raise our spiritual abilities. It is not teaching us about ourselves, but reminding us who we are. It streams spiritual memories from the Akashic records to bring them to our conscious mind. Blue Smoke Quartz illuminates our shining souls to remind you of the beauty and divinity that is our birthright.

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Did you know?

Scarlet Temple Lemurians are associated with the High Priestesses of Lemuria. Lore suggests that the High Priestess of a community passed down memories in the form of song-like vocalizations. This act of passing on of memories was the birth of what would evolve into modern human wisdom.

100% Natural and Genuine Citrine Lemurian Gemstones!