Instagram Live Sale FAQs

Come and join the #SOLfamily @souloflemuria on Instagram! Our live sales are a fun and exciting way to get access to special prices on some unique mineral specimens, carvings, crystals, and sterling silver jewelry, all while hanging out with interesting and fun people.
Please read the rules below and if you have any questions about them during the live, all you have to do is ask! Our community is filled with kind, helpful people in willing to lend a hand and answer questions. These rules and policies have been put in place to make our sales run smooth and be fair to everyone. Above all we keep our Live Sales a fun, knowledgeable, and humorous place to be and we hope you'll join us!

General Rules

1. Items are tagged with a price, a letter, or both. To claim an item you must type "Mine (price/letter)". We also accept "claim", "me", "dibs", etc. as long as it includes the price and/or letter.  Please include emoji's as Instagram blocks comments.
2. The first person to correctly claim the item, as shown on OUR screen, gets the item. Due to different internet connections, your comments will always show up first on your own screen. 
3. If you have claimed an item by typing "sold $X" you are expected to buy the item. Abuse of our Live Sale policies by excessive put-backs or swaps may limit your ability to participate. Once a live has ended items cannot be put back, swapped, or canceled. Backing out of orders or not communicating with us when an invoice is due will likely lead to a ban from our Live Sales.
4. Invoices are posted on our website, within 24 hours of the sale. We expect payment, or a payment plan arrangement, within 24 hours of invoices being posted.  
5. You will need a password to gain access to that weeks live sale listings on my website. This is done for YOUR privacy.  Please go to @SOLinsider to get the password
6. Navigate to our website and login to your account (or create an account if you don't have one) and start typing your Instagram username into the search box. Your product listing will pop up. Simply add it to your shopping cart.
7. Before you complete the checkout process you can add any items from the website to your cart at the same time and take advantage of our FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING over $50. 
8. When you're ready, complete the checkout process. If you require a payment plan, you must DM @souloflemuria on Instagram immediately following the live so that we can coordinate the payment plan.  Rules on payment plans are below. 
9. If you have any issues with your invoice please send us a DM via Instagram as this is the fastest way to reach a resolution.

Shipping Policies

Our Live Sale shipping for domestic customers is free over $50.00.  Otherwise current Priority Flat Rate prices apply. International Shipping is mailed via International Priority Flat Rate. 

Payment Plans 

Please review payment plans information on this website